Mickey Thompson Tires

Mickey Thompson Tires

For over 60 years, Mickey Thompson Tires has been the go-to brand for car enthusiasts. Founded in 1963 by racing legend Mickey Thompson, they make top-quality tires to help you go faster on the road or trail. Mickey Thompson offers a wide range of tires â?? including street performance tires, off-road tires for mud and rocks, drag racing tires, and tires specially made for UTVs and side-by-sides. They continue Mickey's tradition of making high-performance products with their constant pursuit of 'fasterâ??better.' Check out our full lineup of innovative, high-performance Mickey Thompson tires. Shop now and get free shipping and financing options.

All-Season Tires

Mickey Thompson All-Season Tires

Looking for tires to travel through any terrain and weather? Don’t look any further! Mickey Thompson’s All-Season Tires, including the Baja Boss, and Baja Legend. Featuring an aggressive tread design and a special compound formulation, these tires offer maximum traction on mud, sand, snow, and tarmac drives. Ideal for SUVs, trucks, and outdoor riders, Mickey Thompson’s All-Season Tires provide a feeling of confidence and ability no matter what you do next!

All-Terrain Tires

Mickey Thompson All-Terrain Tires

Need a tire that can tackle any terrain? Look no further than Mickey Thompson's all-terrain tires featuring models like the Baja Boss and Baja Legend, perfect for trucks, SUVs, and Jeeps. Their aggressive tread pattern provides excellent traction on mud, rocks, sand, and snow. Mickey Thompson all-terrain tires ensure superior off-road performance without sacrificing on-road comfort. See our full catalog of all-terrain tires and make your ride smooth.

Car Tires

Mickey Thompson Car Tires

Looking for high-performance car tires? Check out our latest selection of Mickey Thompson car tires. They are designed to offer excellent grip in dry conditions and can handle all seasons. With their asymmetric tread design, they improve handling and traction while removing water effectively. Mickey Thompson car tires give you sharp steering and can be used all year round for your sports car or muscle car.

Competition Tires

Mickey Thompson Competition Tires

Heading to the racetrack? Look no further than Mickey Thompson Competition tires that are perfect for drag racing and road courses. They've been tested in competition and offer amazing grip. Mickey Thompson competition tires have a D.O.T. (Department of Transportation) approved design for street use. They provide excellent traction during hard launches and aggressive cornering. Using Mickey Thompson competition tires can help you cut down on your lap times significantly.

Mud-Terrain Tires

Mickey Thompson Mud-Terrain Tires

Mickey Thompson's mud-terrain tires are perfect for tackling the toughest mud pits. Check out our Mickey Thompson Tires lineup including models, like the Baja Boss and Baja Legend. These tires feature super tough tread designs that can power through thick mud and messy conditions. Plus, their special tread patterns provide maximum traction. If you're into serious off-roading and mudding, Mickey Thompson mud-terrain are the tires you need! See our full catalog below.

Offroad Tires

Mickey Thompson Offroad Tires

Ready to tackle the toughest off-road trails? Look no further than Mickey Thompson's renowned Baja Boss and Baja Legend tires. With their special design, they conquer mud pits and loose dirt with ease. Plus, their tough construction fights off cuts and punctures from rocks and debris. When you're serious about off-roading, our Mickey Thompson off-road tires are for you. Check out our selection of Mickey Thompson off-road tires and shop now.

Performance Tires

Mickey Thompson Performance Tires

Want maximum grip and handling for street performance? Take a look at Mickey Thompson's performance tires. They use special silica-enhanced treads for stability at high speeds. Perfect for muscle cars, sports cars, and hot rods, these tires give you awesome dry traction and quick steering. Get ready for amazing acceleration, braking, and cornering with Mickey Thompson performance tires. Explore our lineup of Mickey Thompson performance tires and shop now.

Summer Tires

Mickey Thompson Summer Tires

Are you in search of tires that can perform outstanding this summer? Look no further than Mickey Thompson’s Summer Tires like The ET Street. They feature compounds optimized for high performance on dry roads. These tires also have tread patterns designed for performance and features such as cornering ability, steering response, and high-speed stability. The Summer Tires are designed for sports cars, a muscle car, and performance-oriented vehicles.

SUV Tires

Mickey Thompson SUV Tires

Looking for rugged tires for your SUV? Check out the Baja Boss by Mickey Thompson. These tough tires provide excellent traction off-road with a design specifically for light trucks. The aggressive upper sidewall helps shield against damage from rocks and debris. Whether you're climbing hills or navigating muddy trails, Mickey Thompson Baja Boss delivers top-notch grip. See our latest selection of Mickey Thompson SUV tires below.

Truck Tires

Mickey Thompson Truck Tires

Need help getting pulled or towed off the road? Look no further than Mickey Thompson's Baja Boss and Baja Legend truck tires! These tough tires are built to withstand chips, tears, and punctures with their special tread compounds and constructions. Plus, their high-void patterns offer superb mud traction while keeping your ride smooth and quiet on the pavement. Whether you're working hard or having fun, our Mickey Thompson truck tires are just what you need!

Frequently Asked Questions

Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels, based in Stow, Ohio, is the company behind Mickey Thompson Tires. It all started in 1963 when Mickey Thompson started making top-notch tires and wheels. In 2003, Giti Tire, part of the Giti Group in Singapore, bought the company. But Mickey Thompson still runs independently, focused on manufacturing performance tires.

The Mickey Thompson tires can vary depending on factors such as the specific tire model, vehicle type, and driving conditions. Generally, their performance tires may last anywhere from 30,000 to 50,000 miles. Their off-road and mud-terrain tires can last between 50,000 to 70,000 miles.

As an authorized Mickey Thompson tires dealer, Discounted Wheel Warehouse offers the complete lineup of Mickey Thompson tires at affordable prices. Whether you need tires for your car, truck, or SUV, we provide fast shipping and flexible financing options to cater to your needs.

Mickey Thompson has developed a strong reputation for producing high-performance tires for street, drag racing, off-road, and UTV applications. Their tires are generally viewed as an excellent choice among automotive enthusiasts. However, it's best to look at tests done by independent experts and what actual users say about them.

In 2003, Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels was bought by Giti Tire, a part of the Giti Group from Singapore. Giti Tire is a big tire company globally. Despite the acquisition, Mickey Thompson continues to operate autonomously under Giti's ownership. It maintains its focus on producing top-quality performance tires tailored for enthusiasts, maintaining its reputation for excellence in the industry.

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