Maxxis Tires

Maxxis Tires

Maxxis Tires, a leader in tire manufacturing for over 50 years, offers a diverse range of tires crafted using cutting-edge technology like Virtual Intelligent Prototyping. From ATVs and UTVs to trucks, SUVs, and passenger cars, Maxxis provides high-quality tires suitable for various vehicles. With rigorous quality standards and an extensive lineup, Maxxis Tires ensure exceptional performance, safety, and durability across different road conditions. Explore our vast selection of Maxxis Tires today, available at affordable prices with fast shipping and financing options.

All-Season Tires

Maxxis All-Season Tires

Looking for tires that perform well in any weather? Maxxis all-season tires, such as the Bravo series, feature advanced tread compounds for reliable traction in wet, dry, and light snow conditions. Their design enhances handling and cornering grip while ensuring a comfortable and quiet ride. Suitable for cars, SUVs, and light trucks.

All-Terrain Tires

Maxxis All-Terrain Tires

Want tires that can tackle both paved roads and off-road trails? Look no further than Maxxis all-terrain tires, like the tough RAZR series. These tires feature rugged tread designs with deep, closely connected lugs that provide outstanding grip on dirt, gravel, mud, and rocky terrain. With strong casing and reinforced sidewalls, these tires resist punctures and cuts and are appropriate for trucks, SUVs, and 4x4 vehicles.


Maxxis ATV/UTV Tires

Looking for tough tires for your ATV or UTV adventures? Look no further than Maxxis ATV/UTV tires, like the Carnivore series, which are made for serious off-road action. They have deep treads and strong grips for traction on any rough terrain. Plus, they're built tough to handle rocks and mud. Whether tackling muddy trails or rocky paths, Maxxis ATV/UTV tires keep you steady and in control.

Car Tires

Maxxis Car Tires

Want top-notch tires to keep your car running smoothly? Look no further than the Maxxis car tires lineup, featuring models like the Bravo and RAZR series. They're comfy, tough, and perform well. With advanced tread designs, they handle turns well and grip the road in any weather. Whether you drive a sedan, coupe, or sports car, Maxxis tires give you the grip, stability, and quality you'd expect from a top tire brand.

Highway Tires

Maxxis Highway Tires

Looking for tires that work great on roads, giving you a smooth, steady ride? Check out Maxxis highway tires, like the Bravo and RAZR series. They're tough inside and out, so they can handle long drives without wearing out quickly. Plus, they're designed to wear evenly, so they last longer. Whether you drive a car, SUV, or light truck, Maxxis highway tires give you the confidence and comfort you need for everyday driving.

Mud-Terrain Tires

Maxxis Mud-Terrain Tires

Ready to face the roughest, most difficult off-road journeys? Check out Maxxis mud-terrain tires like the Legendary MT-772 RAZR MT. Maxxis mud-terrain tires have deeply grooved, wide tread patterns. Their large grips grab onto mud, loose soil, rocks, and obstacles. With strengthened sidewalls and sturdy construction, they offer great protection against punctures. Maxxis mud tires give you the best grip and confidence for driving off-road in your truck or 4x4 SUV.

Offroad Tires

Maxxis Offroad Tires

Are you ready for wild off-road adventures? Explore our Maxxis off-road tires like the RAZR and Carnivore series to handle the roughest terrains. With their special tread patterns and big lugs, they grip mud, rocks, and loose soil. Whether you're plowing through mud or climbing rocky hills, Maxxis off-road tires give you the traction and stability you need. Maxxis off-road tires are perfect for off-road vehicles, trucks, and ATVs/UTVs.

SUV Tires

Maxxis SUV Tires

Need tires that can handle all kinds of driving with your SUV? Check out our lines of Maxxis SUV tires like the Bravo, RAZR, and Carnivore. They have rugged construction and special tread patterns for good grip on highways, dirt roads, and light off-road paths. Even on paved roads, they still give a smooth and quiet ride. With strong sidewalls and a sturdy build, these tires can handle off-road challenges without getting punctured or damaged.

Touring Tires

Maxxis Touring Tires

Want a comfy ride for your long trips and daily drives? Look no further than Maxxis touring tires, featuring the Maxxis Bravo series. These tires have specialized tread patterns that help even wear and long lifespan. Maxxis touring tires use special materials and designs to give you good stability, and precise handling. They are great for sedans, minivans, and SUVs that mostly drive on paved roads.

Truck Tires

Maxxis Truck Tires

Looking for strong, long-lasting tires that can handle your truck's tough jobs and heavy loads? Look no further than Maxxis truck tires, like the Bravo and RAZR series. These tires have strong builds with tough casings and durable materials that can handle heavy loads and rough terrain. Their aggressive tread designs give great grip on work sites, construction areas, and unpaved roads, while still giving you a steady ride and comfort on highways.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Maxxis makes high-quality car tires. They're known for their quality, performance, and durability. Maxxis tires provide great grip on the road and hold up well in different weather conditions. Maxxis uses advanced compounds and tread patterns to optimize fuel efficiency, grip, and durability.

The lifespan of Maxxis tires may vary depending on different factors. Usually, Maxxis tires for cars generally last between 40,000 to 60,000 miles. Meanwhile, the tires for light trucks and SUVs often reach 50,000 to 70,000 miles or even more.

Choosing the right Maxxis tire depends on what kind of vehicle you have and how you drive. Their popular options include Maxxis Bravo, Victra, Cravler, and Razr. Maxxis tires are suitable for cars, trucks, SUVs, and crossover vehicles, with great performance on and off-road.

As an authorized Maxxis dealer, Discounted Wheel Warehouse offers the complete lineup of Maxxis tires at affordable prices. Whether you need tires for your car, truck, or SUV, we provide convenient online ordering, excellent customer service, and fast shipping across the US. We sell authentic Maxxis products with proper warranties and support.

The Maxxis Bravo tire line is produced by Maxxis International, a leading global tire manufacturer headquartered in Taiwan. Maxxis has advanced manufacturing facilities in Asia, including Taiwan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, and India. The Bravo Series tires made by Maxxis are designed to give trucks, SUVs, and crossover vehicles great performance, strength, and off-road abilities.

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