Mastercraft Tires

Mastercraft Tires

Mastercraft Tires have been delivering exceptional value and reliability for over 100 years as the professional's choice of tire brand. Made by Cooper Tire, Mastercraft offers an affordable yet high-performing lineup of all-terrain, all-season, truck, mud, snow, winter and off-road tires. Their tires provide great traction and handling across various terrain and weather conditions. Mastercraft's durable tread compounds promote long treadwear to maximize value. Whether you need capable all-terrain, all-season comfort, or winter grip, there's a high-quality yet economical Mastercraft tire option. As a people's choice brand, they provide top-tier technology, without the premium price tag.

All-Season Tires

Mastercraft All-Season Tires

Looking for tires that are up to the task of year-round use? Look no further than Mastercraft all-season tires, featuring models like Avenger, Courser, and Glacier tires. Their tread patterns provide grip when dry, wet, or lightly covered in snow and their edges help you grip the road, even when it's cold. Plus, their grooves channel water to avoid slipping conditions. Mastercraft all-seasons blend durability with a smooth, comfortable ride ideal for cars, SUVs, and trucks.

All-Terrain Tires

Mastercraft All-Terrain Tires

Want to handle all kinds of terrain? Check out Mastercraft all-terrain tires, featuring models like the Courser and Stratus. Thanks to their aggressive tread patterns, they can grip mud, gravel, and dirt with no problem. Robust in construction, they can resist damage from potholes and punctures and though tough off-road, they're still smooth and comfy when driving on regular roads. Mastercraft all-terrain tires are perfect for trucks and SUVs both on and off the beaten path.

Car Tires

Mastercraft Car Tires

Whether you drive a compact, mid-size, or full-size sedan, Mastercraft car tires like the Avenger, Courser, and Glacier deliver lasting value. Their tread patterns and silica compounds provide optimal grip in any season. Mastercraft car tires have wide circumferential grooves that channel water and slush and their reinforced construction ensures vehicle stability and even treadwear. Get quality car tires at affordable prices with Mastercraft car tires.

Highway Tires

Mastercraft Highway Tires

Want tough tires for long trips? Check out Mastercraft highway tires, featuring models like Courser and Stratus tires. Mastercraft highway tires have sturdy tread blocks and strong belts to handle the heat, especially when carrying heavy loads. The grooves in the tires channel water, so you don't slip on wet roads and the advanced tread compounds increase their lifespan. Keep your truck moving well with Mastercraft highway tires.

Mud-Terrain Tires

Mastercraft Mud-Terrain Tires

Need tough tires for wild off-road trips? Check out Mastercraft's Courser mud-terrain tires. They're made to handle rough terrain and are puncture-resistant. The tread designs are super aggressive, so they can kick mud and debris out. Their deep lugs and tough sidewalls provide better grip over rocks, ruts, and logs. Put Courser mud tires on your truck or Jeep for unstoppable adventures. See our full catalog of Mastercraft mud-terrain tires.

Offroad Tires

Mastercraft Offroad Tires

For rugged off-road adventures, equip your truck or Jeep with Mastercraft's Courser off-road tires. They have ultra-aggressive tread patterns that can handle muddy and loose ground easily and their deep grips and special edges help you pass through rocks and logs without any trouble. Mastercraft off-road tires are robust and durable, so they can handle everything you throw their way. Take on the toughest trails confidently with Courser off-road tires.

Performance Tires

Mastercraft Performance Tires

Make your sports car or performance sedan perform even better with Mastercraft's Avenger performance tires. Their high-grip silica tread compounds amplify dry road grip during aggressive driving. Their asymmetric tread designs channel water to prevent sliding on wet roads while increasing cornering stability. Mastercraft performance tires give you great steering control and are built to last. Explore our latest selection of Mastercraft performance tires and shop now.

Summer Tires

Mastercraft Summer Tires

Want enhanced summer performance? Consider Mastercraft's Avenger, Courser, and Glacier summer tires. Their asymmetric tread patterns provide dry road handling and cornering grip, where the outside shoulder blocks increase steering responsiveness. Moreover, their silica-enhanced tread compounds maximize traction during hard acceleration and braking. With these summer tires, your car can show its full potential during the warmer, drier months. Check out our full selection of Mastercraft summer tires.

SUV Tires

Mastercraft SUV Tires

Keep your SUV performing at its best with Mastercraft SUV tires, including Courser and Glacier. These durable tires are strong enough to handle heavier vehicles and are specially designed for maximum stability. Mastercraft SUV tires aggressive tread designs provide enhanced wet and off-road traction whilst retaining a comfortable and quiet ride. See our full catalog of Mastercraft SUV tires and Shop now.

Touring Tires

Mastercraft Touring Tires

Enjoy a smooth, quiet highway ride with Mastercraft's touring tires, featuring models such as Stratus touring tires. Their optimized tread patterns blend responsive handling with low road noise and the specialized tread compounds promote excellent wet traction and long, even tread wear. Mastercraft touring tires give you the right mix of comfort, control, and toughness for your everyday driving needs. Check out our extensive catalog of Mastercraft touring tires.

Truck Tires

Mastercraft Truck Tires

From the job site to the open road, Mastercraft's Courser and Glacier truck tires are engineered for lasting performance. They're strongly built to handle heavy loads and high temperatures. Plus, they have special designs on the tread that provide optimal grip on loose surfaces. If you need tough, dependable truck tires that will stand the test of time and won't break the bank, check out the catalog of Mastercraft truck tires.

Winter/Snow Tires

Mastercraft Winter/Snow Tires

Keep moving even when it's snowy and icy outside with Mastercraft Winter/Snow tires. Take a look at our latest selection, including, Courser and Glacier. Their specialized tread compounds and aggressive siping remain flexible to maximize grip on ice and snow-covered roads. Mastercraft winter tires give you better traction on icy and snowy roads. Plus, their grooves channel water, so you don't slide on wet roads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mastercraft tires are manufactured by the Cooper Tire & Rubber Company, a leading American tire maker founded in 1914 and headquartered in Findlay, Ohio. Cooper acquired the Mastercraft brand in 1966 and has produced their full line of tires ever since at their advanced production facilities across the United States. As an in-house brand, Mastercraft benefits from Cooper's over 100 years of tire-making experience, innovative technologies, premium materials, and rigorous testing standards.

While not dedicated winter tires, many Mastercraft all-season and all-terrain tire models offer good snow traction. Their tread designs also feature numerous edges, sipes and grooves to maximize grip on snow. However, Mastercraft's Glacier Grip III is their premium winter/snow tire. Their ultra-aggressive tread pattern is specifically engineered for enhanced braking, handling and acceleration on ice and packed snow.

Yes, Mastercraft tires are high-quality and affordable. As Cooper's value tire brand, Mastercraft uses premium materials, and advanced tire technologies as Cooper's flagship line. This includes steel belts, silica-enhanced tread compounds and advanced tread designs. Mastercraft tires undergo rigorous testing to meet strict quality control standards for safe performance, mile after mile.

Yes, the Mastercraft brand and a full line of tires are owned, manufactured, and backed by the Cooper Tire & Rubber Company. Cooper acquired Mastercraft in 1966 and has produced all Mastercraft tires at their American production facilities. Being a copper brand, Mastercraft offers good-quality tires at a lower price.

Mastercraft is considered an excellent tire brand. Even though it's seen as a cheaper option from Cooper, it's still made with top-quality materials and rigorously tested. Across its extensive product range, including all-season, all-terrain, winter, mud and off-road tires, Mastercraft delivers for drivers who want durability, traction and riding comfort without paying premium prices.

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