General Tires

General Tires

Founded in Akron, Ohio in 1915, General Tire has a rich history of innovation and performance. Co-founders William O'Neil and Winfred Fouse pioneered groundbreaking tire designs, such as low-air-pressure balloon tires and dual tires resistant to flats, challenging larger competitors. To ensure top quality, General established the world's largest tire test track in Uvalde, Texas, in 1960. Our extensive selection of General Tires offers affordability across various categories, including all-terrain, snow, truck, off-road, winter, all-season, and mud tires. Whether you drive a car, truck, or SUV, General Tires deliver superior traction, smooth handling, and a quiet ride.

All-Season Tires

General All-Season Tires

Need tires that work well no matter the weather? General's all-season tires are great picks. Their Altimax, G-MAX, and Grabber models all have special tread designs and strong rubber compounds. Not only do their treads provide great traction on dry and wet roads, but they also grip well in light snowy conditions too. General all-season tires work perfectly for regular cars like sedans, minivans, and SUVs that need reliable traction year-long.

All-Terrain Tires

General All-Terrain Tires

Do you love going off the beaten path and getting a little muddy? Check out our General Grabber all-terrain tires. Their aggressive treads and tire lugs are designed to dig in and find as much grip as possible off-road. It has reinforced sturdy sidewalls that can withstand bumps and obstacles. General all-terrain tires ride smoothly and quiet down on normal paved streets and work well for pickup trucks and SUVs.

Car Tires

General Car Tires

Looking for a good all-around tire for everyday driving? General's passenger car tires like Altimax, Exclaim, and G-Max strike a nice balance of dry/wet traction, ride comfort, tread life, and value. They offer versatile touring capabilities perfectly suited for sedans, compact SUVs, and minivans. General Passenger car tires take you to your destination reliably and comfortably. See our full catalog of General passenger car tires.

Highway Tires

General Highway Tires

If you find yourself spending most time on long highway drives, General's highway tires like Grabber HTS60 and Grabber HTS provide excellent tread life and a smooth, quiet ride. Their rubber compounds are optimized for low rolling resistance to maximize fuel efficiency too. Plus, General highway tires are strong enough to handle big trucks and SUVs, even when they're towing heavy stuff or driving a lot of miles.

Mud-Terrain Tires

General Mud-Terrain Tires

If you love playing in messy mud, you should check out our General's Grabber X3 mud-terrain tires. They have big tread blocks with deep lines to kick mud and junk away as you drive through. The tread edges grip hard to give you the best traction, even in super muddy places. General mud-terrain tires are the ultimate tire for off-roading and customized 4x4 adventure rigs.

Offroad Tires

General Offroad Tires

Off-road adventurers will love our new catalog of General Grabber off-road tires. These tough treads may seem wild and not for regular roads, but they're legal to use on streets too! With deep, rugged patterns and strong sidewalls, Grabber off-road tires help you tackle muddy paths, rocky hills, and rough terrain with confidence. When you're ready for an off-road adventure, these are the tires you can trust to take you there and back safely.

Performance Tires

General Performance Tires

Want great performance without sacrificing all-season capability? Our General G-MAX performance tires could be the perfect solution. They blend racing-inspired designs like asymmetric tread patterns with durable all-season construction. General performance tires give you great traction and sharp steering on winding roads. Plus, they handle wet and snowy conditions well too. General performance tires are perfectly suitable for sedans and sports cars.

Summer Tires

General Summer Tires

Love performance driving during hot summer months? Our General high-performance summer tires like G-MAX and Grabber have you covered. They use extra grippy rubber compounds and responsive tread designs. General summer tires are made specifically for maximum dry grip and precise handling on warm, dry roads. With their race-inspired technologies, these summer tires unlock crisp, sporty steering response and hard cornering capabilities for sports cars and muscle cars.

SUV Tires

General SUV Tires

Have an SUV that needs new tires? General offers many capable SUV tire choices. Their Altimax and Exclaim models focus on delivering crisp all-season performance, while the rugged Grabber line brings added off-road prowess. No matter if you want street performance or adventurous all-terrain ability, General SUV tires ensure you can find the perfect tire fitment for any SUV.

Touring Tires

General Touring Tires

If you like relaxed road trips more than fast driving, General's touring tires like Altimax and G-Max are perfect. They give you a smooth, quiet ride on the highway and last a long time. With General touring tires, you can travel many miles comfortably. Plus, they work well in different weather conditions all year round. So, whether you're driving a sedan, crossover, or minivan, you can trust these touring tires for your trip.

Truck Tires

General Truck Tires

For pickup truck drivers, our catalog of General's including Exclaim and Grabber tires is really strong and tough. General truck tires have tough materials in the tread that help them stay in good shape even when used on rough roads or for heavy jobs. They can handle carrying heavy stuff and towing without breaking. General truck tires are tough and give a pretty smooth ride when you're driving on regular roads in town.

Winter/Snow Tires

General Winter/Snow Tires

When winter gets cold with heavy snow and icy roads, check out our General Altimax winter tires. These tires have unique patterns on them with many grooves and edges that help grip the snowy and frozen roads. The grooves push away slush and snow, while the rubber stays flexible. If you drive in icy and snowy conditions, you need these Altimax winter tires to stay safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

General tires are manufactured by Continental Tire, a leading global tire company based in Germany. Continental acquired General Tire back in 1987 but has allowed the company to operate as a separate brand within Continental's portfolio. While owned by the German company, some General Tire lines are produced at Continental's tire manufacturing facilities located in the United States.

Yes. General Tire is widely considered to be an excellent tire company that makes high-quality, durable tires. With over a century of experience since its founding in 1915, General has developed a strong reputation for tires that deliver long tread life, all-season performance, and a solid value proposition.

While General Tire is owned by the German company Continental AG, some of their tire lines are manufactured in tire production plants in the United States. However, General Tires are also produced at Continental facilities in other countries around the world as part of their global manufacturing footprint.

General Tires have a reputation for being high-quality, durable tires. They provide reliable traction, handling, and ride comfort. It uses advanced tread compounds and construction while still offering a good value compared to premium-tier tires.

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