Freestar Tires

Freestar Tires

Freestar tires is part of Tireco Inc. It is a top North American tire distributor. It's known for its tires that can handle heavy loads. Moreover, they are for trailers, campers, and utility campers. Also, they design their tires for towing heavy cargo. Yet, they are suitable for many uses. Freestar offers tires for many kinds of vehicles. These include tires for trailers. Also, this includes campers and utility trailers. Their famous models include the M-108 trailer tire. It provides solid grip and handling in wet weather. Additionally, Freestar tires offer a comfy ride. They are and give good value.

All-Season Tires

Freestar All-Season Tires

Designers create FS-500 AST all-season tires. Thus, they perform well in all weather. As, they can handle dry, wet, and even light snow conditions. And, they offer a smooth ride. Hence, they are durable and have traction in any season.

Trailer Tires

Freestar Trailer Tires

Freestar designed the tires for trailers. M-108+ and FS-500 AST tires are for heavy loads. They are ideal for boats, campers, and utility trailers. These tires have a high-load design. They are perfect for towing heavy loads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tireco Inc. makes Freestar trailer tires. The company has led the tire industry since 1972. They specialize in tires for different uses. Lastly, these include trailers, campers, and utility trailers.

The Discounted Wheels Warehouse sells Freestar tires.

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