Fortune Tires

Fortune Tires

Fortune Tire Company is a sub-emblem below Prinx Chengshan, maintaining constrained. It has records dating back to 1976. The company focuses on gaining knowledge of and growing green, safe, excessive-performance tires. They make TBR, PCR, and Bias tires. Fortune Tires sells in more than 130 countries internationally. Additionally, they provide many styles of tires for different automobiles and conditions. Those consist of passengers, overall performance, traveling, truck/SUV, and more.

All-Season Tires

Fortune All-Season Tires

Fortune makes all-season tires. The FSR309 R/T and the Perfectus FSR302 are tough. They perform properly in wet and icy situations. Hence, they have a progressive tread pattern. In addition, they have advanced 3-D sipping for better cornering and braking.

All-Terrain Tires

Fortune All-Terrain Tires

Fortune’s all-terrain tires, the Tormenta A/T FSR308, have a special tread pattern. In addition, they have a much wider footprint. Also, those capabilities enhance traction and stability in all terrains. Additionally, they have a more desirable sidewall design for advanced overall performance and durability.

Car Tires

Fortune Car Tires

Fortune offers an extensive range of car tires designed to meet the precision wishes of an extensive variety of vehicles. Lastly, the layout pursuits to deliver a comfy ride, good coping with, and lengthy tread lifestyles.

Highway Tires

Fortune Highway Tires

Fortune designed the ST01 tires for lengthy-distance travel on highways. Thus, they offer an easy and quiet journey with extremely good stability and sturdiness.

Mud-Terrain Tires

Fortune Mud-Terrain Tires

Fortune’s dust-terrain tires, FSR310 Tormenta M/T, have mud rippers. They're between the shoulder tread blocks for extra mud and debris removal. As, they have a competitive tread design. This offers them balance and sturdiness in rugged terrain.

Offroad Tires

Fortune Offroad Tires

Fortune’s FSR310 Tormenta M/T tires are for off-road use. They are for extreme conditions. Primarily, they offer excellent traction and durability in mud, rocks, and other challenging terrains.

Performance Tires

Fortune Performance Tires

Fortune’s overall performance tires are just like the Viento FSR702. Automakers design those for passenger vehicles and SUVs. They provide a unique tread sample. Thus, it gets rid of water, cuts hydroplaning, and improves wet management and braking.

Rugged Terrain Tires

Fortune Rugged Terrain Tires

Fortune’s FSR309 R/T tires are for SUVs and mild vehicles. Therefore, they want competitive traction on rugged terrain, but they also want to maintain mileage. However, they have a rugged 3-ply sidewall construction for protection in an off-avenue environment.

SUV Tires

Fortune SUV Tires

Fortune designed their SUV tires for a secure ride. They also have true coping skills and a lengthy work life. They're for SUVs. At the end, they offer extremely good traction and stability on numerous avenues.

Touring Tires

Fortune Touring Tires

Fortune’s traveling tires, such as the Perfectus FSR602, are for motors and SUVs. Also, the tires have an asymmetrical tread layout. Indeed, it improves coping and overall performance while passing and cornering.

Trailer Tires

Fortune Trailer Tires

The designer of Fortune's trailer tires created them to handle heavy loads. Yet, they offer excellent stability, durability, and load-carrying capacity.

Truck Tires

Fortune Truck Tires

Fortune designs truck tires for commercial trucks. They offer excellent traction, durability, and load-carrying capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fortune Tires is a brand of the Prinx Chengshan Tire Company. Shangdong, China, is where the company is based. The company established itself in 1976 and has been in the tire business for several decades. They have production bases in China and Thailand.

As for the quality of Fortune Tires, they are generally considered a good brand. They are recognized for providing affordability and performance. The tires undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet the highest industry standards.
They use cutting-edge technology in their tire designs. This includes advanced rubber and top tread patterns. They design their tires to give top performance. They also improve fuel efficiency and have great traction on many roads.

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