Firestone Firehawk Pursuit AWT Best

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$253.91 - $405.52
Tire Features


The Firehawk Pursuit AWT by Firestone is formulated with an optimized compound that prolongs tread life. This innovative compound molds into an all weather tread pattern for exceptional traction and overall performance on dry, wet, and even winter weather settings. The tread is equipped with wide grooves that expel water and slush away from the tire for confident wet performance. Furthermore, the Firehawk Pursuit AWT features large shoulder blocks provide more consistent rubber to road contact for enhanced cornering performance.

- 17

Tire Size Load/Speed PLY Sidewall
235/55R17 99W BSW
265/60R17 108V BSW
235/50R17 96V BSW
235/50R17 96W BSW

- 18

Tire Size Load/Speed PLY Sidewall
255/60R18 108V BSW
225/60R18 100V BSW
245/55R18 103W BSW
245/55R18 103V BSW

- 20

Tire Size Load/Speed PLY Sidewall
275/55R20 113V BSW
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