Firestone Destination A/T2 Best

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$166.99 - $305.99

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Tire Features

Long Lasting
Long Lasting
55,000 Mileage Warranty
55,000 Mileage Warranty

Product Description

The Destination A/T 2 is formulated with an optimized tread compound forms into a symmetric tread pattern. The high void pattern ensures aggressive off road performance as well as a quiet, comfortable ride. A sturdy center rib ensures consistent rubber to road contact. Firestone's HydroGrip Technology features full depth grooves that promote wet handling performance while a transparent void promotes anti-hydroplaning properties. An aggressive shoulder pattern bolsters off road handling. Internally, the Destination A/T 2 is reinforced with a two-ply polyester casing that ensures premium ride quality and endurance.

Tire Sizes

Tire Size Load/Speed PLY Sidewall
235/75R15 105S OWL
Tire Size Load/Speed PLY Sidewall
235/75R16 106S OWL
245/70R16 106S OWL
235/70R16 104S OWL
265/75R16 114T OWL
245/75R16 109S OWL
225/75R16 104S OWL
255/70R16 109S OWL
265/70R16 111T OWL
Tire Size Load/Speed PLY Sidewall
245/65R17 105T OWL
235/65R17 103S OWL
285/70R17 117T OWL
255/70R17 110S OWL
245/75R17 112S BSW
265/70R17 113S OWL
225/60R17 99H BSW
225/65R17 102H BSW
235/70R17 108S OWL
255/75R17 113S OWL
235/75R17 108S OWL
245/70R17 108S OWL
265/65R17 110S OWL
255/65R17 108S OWL
Tire Size Load/Speed PLY Sidewall
265/70R18 114S OWL
275/65R18 116T BSW
225/60R18 100H OWL
245/60R18 104T BSW
265/60R18 109T OWL
275/65R18 114T OWL
265/65R18 112S OWL
255/70R18 112S OWL
Tire Size Load/Speed PLY Sidewall
245/60R20 107H OWL
275/55R20 111S BSW
275/60R20 114S OWL
Tire Size Load/Speed PLY Sidewall
285/45R22 114H BSW
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