Crossmax Tires

Crossmax Tires

Started in 2005 by Horizon Tire, Crossmax Tires has developed a reputation for delivering outstanding performance. Their tires are carefully designed and manufactured using only the best materials available for passenger cars, light trucks, SUVs, and CUVs. If you choose performance tires for a more exhilarating encounter, touring tires for extended visits, or truck/SUV tires for more challenging terrain, Crossmax might help them out. Their tires are excellent in terms of traction, handling, and usage and will provide you with a secure and pleasurable driving experience regardless of the terrain and weather. The Crossmax line of tires is now available at Discounted Wheel Warehouse at reasonable costs, where we specialize in offering a large choice of tires at discounted rates

All-Season Tires

Crossmax All-Season Tires

Looking for tires you can trust in changing seasons? Discover Crossmax’s All-season Tires, such as the CHTS-1 and CT-1 models. Whether you are driving on rain-soaked or dry roads, these tires provide cutting-edge tread compounds and fully optimized tread patterns. Crossmax all-season tires are sure to accommodate you and make your drive stress-free. Furthermore, for your sedan, coupe, or family vehicle, these tires provide superior stability and handling.

Car Tires

Crossmax Car Tires

Are you looking for car tires to improve your daily driving experience? Crossmax offers car tires, namely the CHTS-1 and CT-1 models, that ensure an enjoyable drive. Crossmax car tires are the perfect fit for sedans, hatchbacks, and family vehicles, where safety and comfort are preffered. Don’t miss your chance to enjoy the drive with Crossmax’s Car Tires!

Performance Tires

Crossmax Performance Tires

Looking for an exciting and thrilling driving experience? Look no further than Crossmax Performance Tires, including the CT-1 and CHTS-1. You can desire top-level grip, responsiveness, and cornering precision with Crossmax performance tires. These tires can increase grip on dry roads and improve the car’s ability to steer. Performance tires are also ideal for sports cars, high-performance sedans, and coupes to unleash the vehicle’s maximum potential. Check it out below.

SUV Tires

Crossmax SUV Tires

Are you a bold and adventurous individual looking for tires that can withstand the roughness and weight of the most rugged terrain? For the tough roads and trails ahead, Crossmax’s SUV tires, including the CHTS-1 and CT-1 series,. These tires feature high-strength construction, aggressive tread designs, and hard-wearing compounds. Whether navigating through muddy trails or rough and rocky surfaces, the Crossmax SUV Tires provide confidant and assured driving.

Touring Tires

Crossmax Touring Tires

Do you want tires that are quiet and comfortable enough for the highway? Crossmax’s Touring Tires are available with the CT-1 series, emphasizing a quiet ride. Crossmax’s tires provide complex tread patterns and attention to noise reduction features. Suitable for regular sedans, coupes, and basic family vehicles, Crossmax’s touring tires balance well in terms of trade life and fuel economy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Crossmax tires are a brand started by Horizon Tire, an American distributor with a solid reputation since its foundation in 2005. Horizon Tire focuses on acquiring high-quality tires in various countries and emphasizes performance and its own rigorous quality standards rather than the place of manufacture.

One of the popular models within Crossmax’s range is the Crossmax CT1. This model is an endurable and high-performing tire, as it is made from advanced tread compounds and has its tread patterns optimized. The CT1 is a tire of choice for many who value reliable traction and long wear life in any set of conditions, regardless of the vehicle type.

Yes, Crossmax Tires provides a comprehensive warranty program that guarantees the quality of their products. Crossmax tires are covered against any material defects or workmanship in production. Perhaps this is the best method to assure their customers’ peace of mind. Therefore, depending on the trademark, the terms and coverage of the warranty plan vary.

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