Cordovan Tires

Cordovan Tires

TBC Corporation commenced the Cordovan Tires Company in 1945. Their motto is “Driver to Higher Standards of Quality and Value." Well, that’s quite an impressive motto that’s why they are one of the most important dealers of their very own brand of tires in North America. They promote many kinds of tires.
These consist of tires for passenger cars, performance tires, SUVs, mild vehicles, and industrial tires. They also promote wintry-weather tires. People like Cordovan tires because they're nice and not too costly. That’s why they are a popular desire for humans seeking out budget tires.

All-Season Tires

Cordovan All-Season Tires

Cordovan all-season tires work well all year spherical. These tires can deal with most climate situations. The rubber in those tires remains bendy and soft, but no longer while it's colder than 40 degrees Fahrenheit. And yes how can we forget, the Cordovan Grand Prix Performance G/T is an all-season tire. It offers better control while turning corners and using it.

Car Tires

Cordovan Car Tires

Cordovan makes vehicle tires that perform nicely and look properly. What else do you need, when they assist in making driving safer. And also, they use high tread compounds and special styles to enhance handling, traction, and enjoyment.

Highway Tires

Cordovan Highway Tires

Cordovan highway tires for vehicles that put pressure on highways and paved roads. Therefore, they provide a comfortable journey and works very well in all seasons. These tires are durable and offer a smooth ride on long toll road trips.

Performance Tires

Cordovan Performance Tires

Cordovan makes overall performance tires that deal well, respond quick, and grip the road well. Also, the Cordovan Grand Prix Performance G/T is a performance tire. It's made for drivers who like accurate dealing with top seems.

SUV Tires

Cordovan SUV Tires

Cordovan makes Grand Prix Performance GT tires for SUVs. There’s more that they perform reliably, deliver a cozy journey, and feature true traction. They can cope with the weight of SUVs and provide the right traction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Cordovan tires are taken into good. They are recognised for their brilliant handling, performance, low costs, and longer-lasting tread lives.

Cordovan gives amazing assurance based on how much distance you can cover. They provide 50,000 to 60,000 miles of tire tread, and the velocity score plays a vital role. TBC Brands, Cordovan’s parent company, puts this guarantee in place.

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