Americus Tires

Americus Tires

Americus Tires is a sub-brand of American Omni Trading. It offers low-cost tires made for the American road. These well-made tires have been reliable for a long time. They are affordable for cars, CUVs, and off-road vehicles. Americus tires are very durable. They have great traction and save fuel. They also have unmatched performance. This makes them ideal for rough terrain and highways.
They offer many tire types. These include Premium Passenger, Sport HP, Touring Plus, Recon CUV, Truck SUV, Rugged ATR, and Rugged M/T. They offer superb performance at a low price. This makes them a smart choice for cars, CUVs, and off-road vehicle owners.

All-Season Tires

Americus All-Season Tires

Americus All-Season Tires R601 stay flexible in most temperatures. In addition, this makes them suitable for year-round use. Moreover, they have great handling and sharp steering. They ensure better towing stability at any speed.

All-Terrain Tires

Americus All-Terrain Tires

The Americus All Terrain tires MT R408 Trac Grip 2, Rugged M/T are for light trucks and SUVs. These vehicles meet various demands. Hence, they feature wide grooves. They also have an open-shoulder design. Lastly, it stops stones from getting stuck in the tread and keeps the footprint clean.

Car Tires

Americus Car Tires

Americus offers a range of passenger car tires. However, the design aims to provide a smooth and comfortable ride. Besides, they also offer great performance and traction on many road surfaces.

Mud-Terrain Tires

Americus Mud-Terrain Tires

The Americus Rugged M/T is a premium mud tire. It has a high-void mud pattern with large shoulder blocks. Therefore, these give it deep traction and crisp handling on and off roads.

Offroad Tires

Americus Offroad Tires

The Americus Offroad tires MT R408 Trac Grip 2 have large shoulder blocks. Nevertheless, they give deep traction and sharp handling on roads and off roads.

Summer Tires

Americus Summer Tires

Americus Summer tires are for commercial LT vehicles. Hence, sticky rubber makes them. Additionally, designed to provide the largest traction in warm weather. Despite this, they offer great performance in cornering, accelerating, and braking.

SUV Tires

Americus SUV Tires

The Americus SUV tires are for your daily commute. Additionally, they are also for your off-road adventures. They provide exceptional handling on wet and dry surfaces.

Touring Tires

Americus Touring Tires

The Americus Touring tires R601 offer good handling and sharp steering. No doubt, they also improve towing stability at any speed.

Trailer Tires

Americus Trailer Tires

Americus Trailer builds tires that can withstand hard work. Hence, they fuel great adventures and offer unmatched reliability.

Truck Tires

Americus Truck Tires

Americus Truck tires, such as the MT R408 Trac Grip 2 and the Rugged M/T, are for adventurers. Yet, they are for traveling across America. Also, they offer a stable footprint on and off-road, reducing highway noise and hydroplaning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Manufacturers in Thailand make Americus tires.

Consumers consider Americus tires safe to buy. They are synonymous with quality, featuring robust warranties and long-lasting performance.

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