Advanta Tires

Advanta Tires

Advanta is a full-line tire brand that offers quality products at affordable prices. They utilize state-of-the-art technology for durability and quality. Regardless of weather or terrain, their tires never sacrifice a quiet, comfortable ride. Experience the performance and value of Advanta Tires. They manufacture tires for passenger cars, light trucks, SUVs, and commercial trucks. Given the nature of their target market, you can expect some robust designs with unmatched strength. Let’s talk about the famous models of Advanta tires and their benefits!

All-Season Tires

Advanta All-Season Tires

The symmetrical tread design and high-angle tread blocks provide increased traction in all weather conditions. The most popular all-season tires include the ATX-850, ER700, and HPZ01 among many others. With these models installed on your high-performance vehicle or an SUV, you will experience enhanced high-speed cornering and stability. Also, these tires are backed by 45,000 to 60,000 miles of treadwear warranty. An exceptional value, it's everything you want in a tire.

Car Tires

Advanta Car Tires

Most people find cars a lot more convenient than SUVs or light trucks. In the car tires category, Advanta offers a range of options to its customers. Since these vehicles stay on paved roads mostly, Advanta ensures that these tires last all seasons. The ER800, HPZ01, HPZ01 Plus, and HPZ-02 are among the best-selling car tires. While cruising on paved surfaces at high speeds, these tires provide improved steering; reacting to the slightest steering inputs. Hence, these tires are your go-to option for a balanced and safe driving experience.

Highway Tires

Advanta Highway Tires

Many of us use highway routes almost every day. If it is the same for you, HTR-800 is an ideal choice. This tire provides a smooth ride by absorbing shocks from bumps while keeping the cabin a lot more stable. Moreover, the biggest benefit of highway tires is fuel efficiency. Advanta Tires engineers these tires to decrease fuel consumption while making the ride as comfortable as possible. Hence, a bargain that saves money without compromising on your driving comfort. How can you not be down for that?

Offroad Tires

Advanta Offroad Tires

Off-road driving enthusiasts, it is time to talk about what you came for! With excellent tread life and handling ability, the ATX-850 is a very popular off-road model. It maintains a strong grip on the surface even on the most challenging terrains. Therefore, if you like to stay in control and enjoy off-road driving simultaneously, this tire is an ideal choice.Also, as Advanta proudly claims: “Engineered to perfection for wherever the road meets you.”

Performance Tires

Advanta Performance Tires

Advanta manufactures performance tires for normal-sized cars, SUVs, and trucks. Since the size gap is significant, these tires come in various sizes, catering to different vehicle types. However, what remains constant is the sheer quality and performance upgrade. Models like HPZ01, HPZ01 Plus, HPZ-02, SVT-01, and SVT-02 are classified as performance tires. These tires play a pivotal role in enhancing the performance of the vehicle as well as stability. If performance is your priority, Advanta has something special to offer.

SUV Tires

Advanta SUV Tires

The biggest target market of Advanta tires is the SUV owners. Almost all models are compatible with SUVs. Since SUVs are driven on both; paved roads and off-road, the models for SUV vehicles support almost all terrains. There are plenty of options to choose from if you own an SUV. To name a few, Advanta offers ER800, HPZ01 Plus, HTR-800, and SVT-02.

Touring Tires

Advanta Touring Tires

If your driving includes a lot of routine activities, touring tires are made for your convenience. The ER700 improves on-line steering feel, stability and tread wear. As mentioned, routine commuting means durability is a priority for you – and these tires offer longevity. Another option in the touring category is the ER800. Primarily used for passenger cars, these tires promote enhanced handling and safety alike. Additionally, both models work at optimal levels throughout the year. Another box checked!

Trailer Tires

Advanta Trailer Tires

If you own a trailer and use it often, the AV3200 All Steel model ends your tire search here. It has everything to offer that makes a tire and the vehicle a good match. For starters, it provides improved braking, increasing the performance of the vehicle. Secondly, it offers a long tread life, reducing the cost of replacing tires frequently. Also, effective braking results in increased safety. Thus, this tire is a complete package.

Truck Tires

Advanta Truck Tires

Advanta constructs truck tires for maximum performance in all conditions. Designed to carry and tow the heaviest loads. Truck Tires feature an aggressive open-shoulder design to increase stability and traction. Models like ATX-850, AV3200 All Steel, HTR-800, SVT-01, and SVT-02 have exceptional stability and long tread life due to strong steel belted construction. Hence, these tires provide maximum traction when you need it the most!

Frequently Asked Questions

Advanta Tires is a brand of tires owned by American Pacific Industries (API), and the company was founded in Scottsdale, Arizona. The company has been largely focused on producing capable off-road tires for SUVs and trucks.

Customer experience and ratings have been pretty positive overall for Advanta tires. Their tires provide stability at highway speed, with a quiet and refined ride. Moreover, swift steering response makes these tires stand out without ever being twitchy or jumpy.

You can buy Advanta tires directly from their website. Or contact a renowned dealership, like Discounted Wheel Warehouse to get the best deals. Save money with us while installing a new set of tires.

Most of the tires produced by Advanta perform at optimal performance all year round. The ability to perform at the highest level regardless of weather conditions makes these tires an ideal choice.

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