Achilles Tires

Achilles Tires

For more than 30 years, Achilles Tires has continuously led the tire industry in performance and price. Comprised of cutting-edge engineering and an aggressive sense of style, products with Achilles Tires offer superior performance. They offer a wide range of tires, including all-season, all-terrain, mud, off-road, and performance tires. The specially designed tread patterns, construction, and high-end materials deliver the traction needed to thrive on highways, enjoy off-road excursions, and maximize performance on wet terrain. When you rely on Achilles Tires, you can feel confident that they have been tested to meet any demands on any road and are fit for daily commutes, and scheduled off-roading activities. Visit Discounted Wheel Warehouse for the best-discounted deals, fast shipping, and financing options.

All-Season Tires

Achilles All-Season Tires

Are you a driver who wants to use the same tires for wet, dry, or lightly snow-covered roads all year round? Look no further than Achilles All-Season Tires, including the Desert Hawk HT3 and Touring Sport A/S. These tires are designed to grip and resist hydroplaning with their cutting-edge tread patterns and rubber compounds. As a result, they are great for stopping and starting, and they have a comfortable and continuous ride.

Car Tires

Achilles Car Tires

If you want to get the absolute best out of your sedan or coupe, check out Achilles Car Tires. The Street Hawk Sport and Touring Sport A/S have sensational modern tread designs and compound rubber. Achilles car tires give you the ultimate dry and wet performance, better traction, and sharp handling. Plus, braking performance, along with high comfort and silence. Both are incredibly safe to use as well.

Competition Tires

Achilles Competition Tires

Want to dominate the track? Achilles Competition Tires, including Street Hawk Sport, are designed for optimal grip and control. With race-derived grooves and high-performance formulas, these tires provide amazing cornering performance, quick reflexes, and unrivaled grip. What are you waiting for? Enjoy competition or simply stretch your muscles, relax, and get the thrill of tire burning!

Highway Tires

Achilles Highway Tires

Do you want to own the track with Achilles Competition Tires such as the Street Hawk Sport for maximum grip and handling? The tires feature race tread, incredible cornering capacity, razor-sharp response, the best traction, and a high-performance compound. Even if you are competing or driving for fun, you get to experience the thrill of performance driving.

Performance Tires

Achilles Performance Tires

If you want to unleash the full performance potential of your vehicle, choose Achilles Performance Tires like Desert Hawk HT3 or Street Hawk Sport. They give you the grip, precise handling, and responsive braking you crave. Their advanced compounds and aggressive treads provide maximum traction when pushing your car to the max on twisty roads while providing a controlled and comfortable ride. See below our latest selection of Achilles performance tires.

SUV Tires

Achilles SUV Tires

Looking for a standout tire for your SUV? Plenty of Achilles SUV Tires are specifically developed for demanding driving. The Desert Hawk HT3 and Touring Sport A/S ensure impeccable grip and handling and the extended life of a tread. Whether you are bringing your loved ones to a weekend or undecided on where to spend your vacation summer, have reliable tires that will keep your SUV on the road.

Touring Tires

Achilles Touring Tires

If you are racking the miles on long drives, consider Achilles Touring Tires like the Touring Sport A/S. Their tread design and silica compounds give even wear, low rolling resistance, and excellent handling on pavement. Achilles touring tires have hydroplaning resistance, and provide the smooth and comfortable ride you’d expect. These are a great option for sedans, coupes, and SUVs that see a lot of highway travel.

Truck Tires

Achilles Truck Tires

You need a heavy-duty tire to match if you have a heavy hauling or towing job on the slate. Achilles Truck Tires, such as the Desert Hawk HT3, deliver superior strength and stability to roll over massive loads like they’re nothing. With a more robust construction and a higher-quality, grippier tread compound, these tires are perfect for long tread wear and reliable, resilient performance, whether you’re headed to a city or on a weekend adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Achilles Tires brand is an affiliate of TBC Corporation, a worldwide leader in the tire industry. As an automotive brand in America for more than 3 decades, Achilles tires are made at advanced facilities and set the standard for quality in engineering innovative tires.

Achilles Tires are regarded for their great quality, diverse designs, and within-the-budget performance. With advanced tread designs, robust construction, and prime-quality materials, Achilles Tires provide driving traction, handling, and comfort in all driving conditions and roads.

Discounted Wheel Warehouse is a premium provider and retailer of tires and wheels. We have a large stock of affordable Achilles tires, ensuring you the most bang for your buck. Our tire specialists could help you choose the best ideas for your vehicle and driving, including your load-carrying capability, what road condition you frequently drive, and what season of the year. Furthermore, we value our consumers and make it simple to purchase tires.

Achilles Tires provides superior quality and performance. The brand offers excellent tires because they perform engineering work, design aggressively, and take strict quality control steps. Achilles Tires’ offerings are of high quality regardless of whether you want to use them in regular city practice, rough conditions, or competitive venues. Additionally, irrespective of your aspirations, the quality of the tire is available for a low price.

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