Accelera Tires

Accelera Tires

Accelera tires are precise value for money. Moreover, it carry out more than what the general public assumes from a budget tire. They are mild but robust, which allows your car to move and speed up. Accelera makes many types of tires. These include tires for very fast driving, all-season use, and off-road driving. They also include options, highway driving, all-terrain driving, and SUVs. But remember, how a tire works can depend on the kind of vehicle, where you’re using it, and how you press it.

All-Season Tires

Accelera All-Season Tires

Accelera all-season tires the phi models. They work in almost all weather conditions. You can use them in most weather conditions year-round. The designers designed the rubber in these tires to stay flexible. But, not at temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Car Tires

Accelera Car Tires

Accelera offers many tires for passenger cars. These tires are made to be durable, grippy, and easy to control. They also have long, even tread wear. They are also safe and dependable, earning global certifications.

Highway Tires

Accelera Highway Tires

Accelera’s highway tires, like the Iota ST68, are for vehicles on highways and roads. They provide riding comfort and a quiet ride. The tires have huge grooves. They drain water fast to stop aquaplaning and improve performance on wet surfaces.

Performance Tires

Accelera Performance Tires

Accelera performance tire include the Alpha and Phi-R models. The tires are for speed and style. The Alpha model has a decrease in rolling resistance, making the tire extra expensive. The Phi-R model is an all-season performance tire. It gives amazing handling and balance.

SUV Tires

Accelera SUV Tires

Accelera’s SUV tires are like the Iota ST68. These products aim to offer a comfortable journey and extended durability. They provide directional balance and a brief guidance response. These tires keep traction at some stage in moist weather conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Accelera tires are produced by PT. Elangperdana Tyre Industry, also known as EP Tyres. This is an Indonesian-primarily-based tire company that started making tires in 1997. They introduced the Accelera brand of tires in 2007. Indonesia makes the tires.

Accelera Alpha tires have received blended reviews. Some users have reported proper reviews. They say the company supply high-quality traction and handling. However, records from 130 tire opinions back this up. They rank the Accelera Alpha 166th out of 201 summer high-performance tires. They rate the dry grip at 65%, the wet grip at 44%, and the wear and tear at 69%. The universal score is 55% over 1,079,626 miles pushed.

Accelera tires to offer the best value for money. They are usually much cheaper than well-known brands. Designers create them for speed and style. They are also secure and reliable, earning global certifications.
However, the brand specializes in performance. But, top-rated competitors like Bridgestone outshine it in tire exams. Accelera tires have less sturdy warranties. They're 10% less than those of the top global tire makers.

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