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Radar Tire Dimax e Sport 1

Radar Dimax e Sport 1 Tires

Radar Dimax e Sport 1 Features

Asymmetric tread pattern

Asymmetric tread pattern with a solid outer shoulder provides stability and precise handling at high speeds.

Lightweight construction

Lightweight construction combined with a special tread compound keeps the tire cooler, helping your engine improve fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions.

Silica based tread compound

Silica based tread compound provides no compromise braking, that results up to 8 feet shorter stopping distance.

Radar's Dimax e Sport 1 is a high performance, summer sport touring tire designed for use on passenger vehicles, including coupes and sedans. This eco-friendly tire offers improved safety, mileage, and performance and is backed by a 40,000 mile limited treadwear warranty. The Dimax e Sport 1 is an excellent choice for the performance minded driver seeking a fuel efficient tire with the capabilities of a UHP tire.

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