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Nitto Tire Trail Grappler M/T

Nitto Trail Grappler M/T Tires

Nitto Trail Grappler M/T Performance Ratings
Wet Braking/ Wet Traction/ Wet Performance :

Ride Comfort:

Quiet Ride/ Noise Comfort/ Quietness :

Nitto Trail Grappler M/T Features


Each Grappler has two sidewall designs so you can choose how your tires look. On the Trail Grappler one side has stylized lettering with V-shaped sidewall lugs and the other has traditional lettering with flat buttresses. The Nitto Grappler M/T offers two sidewall designs-- one with V shaped sidewall lugs and contemporary wording and another with classic font and level buttresses


A common complaint with mud terrain tires is their noise level. Nitto's engineers set out to design an aggressive -- and yet quiet -- off-road tire. Using 3D computer simulation, Nitto's engineers were able to systematically adjust the size, shape and position of the tread blocks. As a result, Nitto produced an off-road tire that is 34% quieter at street speeds and 36% quieter at highway speeds.* *Compared to Nitto Mud Grappler Formulated with minimal noise levels in mind, the Nitto Trail Grappler M/T is an advanced evolution of the Nitto Mud Grappler with an increase in 34% more quiet street driving and 36% of an increase in quiet high way driving while maintaining its' power and performance. These innovations were engineered by Nitto technologies' optimized tread block arrangement and meticulous adjustments on tread block shape, size and position


The 3-ply sidewall with a high turn-up construction acts as an extra layer of reinforcement to increase puncture resistance. Wound resistance from road obstructions are combated by a 3-ply sidewall paired with high turn up construction


Nitto’s proprietary, automated manufacturing system produces extraordinarily uniform tires. This creates a smooth ride on paved roads. Nitto tires are meticulously manufactured to provide congruency and consistency in order to provide a comfortable ride in urban settings

Nitto's Trail Grappler M/T is a dynamic mud terrain tire built for use on light trucks, SUVs, and CUVs. This robust tire offers versatile performance with aggressive off road capabilities and classy on road performance. The Trail Grappler M/T combines Nitto's Mud Grappler's off road performance with the Terra Grappler's comfort levels for a balanced ride.

Available Sizes

Part No Tire Size Speed Rating Load Rating Price
NIT-205740 LT285/65R18 Q 122 $391.00
NIT-374020 LT355/40R22 Q 122 $690.00
NIT-205910 LT295/60R20 Q 123 $480.00
NIT-205450 LT285/70R17 Q 113 $335.00
NIT-205810 37X13.50R22 Q 123 $623.38
NIT-374120 35X12.50R20 Q 125 $501.00
NIT-205720 35X12.50R20 Q 121 $501.00
NIT-205600 33X12.50R22 Q 109 $505.00
NIT-205890 LT255/75R17 Q 108 $278.00
NIT-205790 LT295/65R20 Q 126 $476.00
NIT-206600 LT275/65R20 Q 126 $418.00
NIT-205700 35X12.50R18 Q 123 $463.00
NIT-205580 37X11.50R20 Q 128 $517.00
NIT-205860 LT265/70R17 Q 121 $302.00
NIT-374210 LT285/60R20 Q 125/122 $467.00
NIT-205770 LT285/70R16 P 122 $331.00
NIT-205940 LT315/70R17 Q 118 $372.00
NIT-205840 LT285/75R16 Q 123 $310.00
NIT-205750 LT295/55R20 Q 120 $431.00
NIT-205920 LT315/75R16 Q 124 $346.00
NIT-205730 35X12.50R17 Q 121 $404.00
NIT-205610 35X12.50R22 Q 117 $602.00
NIT-205900 LT285/55R22 Q 124 $568.00
NIT-205440 LT265/75R16 P 123 $290.00
NIT-374080 35X11.50R17 Q 118 $398.00
NIT-205710 LT295/70R17 P 118 $360.00
NIT-205590 33X12.50R20 Q 114 $455.00
NIT-205870 LT275/70R18 Q 122 $335.00
NIT-374220 42X15.50R22 Q 124 $1024.66
NIT-205780 LT295/70R18 Q 126 $406.00
NIT-205950 LT285/75R17 Q 118 $376.00
NIT-374060 33X12.50R18 Q 122 $398.00
NIT-205570 LT325/60R20 Q 123 $535.00
NIT-205760 LT305/55R20 Q 118 $475.00
NIT-205930 LT285/70R17 Q 118 $343.00
NIT-205830 LT325/50R22 Q 122 $601.00
NIT-374140 LT355/40R24 Q 123 $773.00
NIT-205980 40X13.50R17 P 121 $558.00
NIT-206840 LT285/75R18 Q 129 $403.00
NIT-205420 37X13.50R20 Q 127 $585.95
NIT-205560 40X15.50R22 Q 128 $883.00
NIT-374070 33X12.50R17 Q 120 $376.00
NIT-374200 38X13.50R17 Q 121 $588.00
NIT-374040 LT375/40R24 Q 126 $815.00
NIT-205550 38X13.50R22 Q 126 $721.00
NIT-374160 42X13.50R20 Q 124 $849.00
NIT-374050 40X15.50R24 P 128 $951.00
NIT-205530 35X11.50R18 Q 127 $428.00
NIT-205820 38X13.50R24 Q 123 $894.00
NIT-206850 40X15.50R20 Q 128 $728.00
NIT-374000 38X13.50R20 Q 128 $593.00
NIT-374130 42X15.50R26 Q 126 $1392.41
NIT-205800 37X12.50R20 Q 126 $548.53
NIT-205880 37X12.50R17 Q 124 $485.00
NIT-206830 LT285/55R20 Q 122 $466.00
NIT-205430 38X15.50R20 Q 125 $594.00
NIT-205850 33X12.50R15 Q 108 $297.00
NIT-374170 42x15.50R24LT Q 122 $1046.59
NIT-374100 40X15.50R26 Q 126 $1063.37
NIT-205540 35X11.50R20 Q 124 $447.00
NIT-206610 37X12.50R18 Q 128 $540.00
NIT-374010 LT375/45R22 Q 128 $741.00