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Nitto Tire NT421Q

Nitto NT421Q Tires

Nitto NT421Q Performance Ratings
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Nitto NT421Q Features


Nitto’s intelligent maintenance indicators are a service feature that visually show how your tires are wearing. They can also alert you to wear issues before they become big problems. Innovative maintenance indicators are utilized to provide drivers with preventative visual warnings of tire wear


Siping is one of the most important tire technologies for wet and snow traction. Nitto's revolutionary 3D multiwave and 3D Interlocking sipe design provide traction without sacrificing handling. Groundbreaking 3D multiwave interlocking sipes are incorporated for improved winter traction as well as efficient handling


The circumferential rubber shoulder insert adds an additional layer of strength to help you navigate potholes and other adverse road conditions. Additional resistance against road obstructions and intense conditions are combated by circumferential rubber shoulder inserts


The NT421Q helps you safely navigate corners because the larger tread blocks on the exterior of the tire provide stability. Large outer tread blocks allow safe cornering performance as well as increased stability

Nitto's NT421Q is an ultra high performance, all season tire specifically manufactured for CUVs and SUVs. This aesthetically appealing tire offers class leading traction and all season performance capabilities while also maintaining premium ride quality. The NT421Q provides consistent performance and all encompassing safety for a reliable tire that won't let you down.