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Nitto Motivo Tires

Nitto Motivo Performance Ratings
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Nitto Motivo Features


Nitto’s alignment indicators are a service feature that visually show how your tires are wearing. They can also alert you to wear issues before they become big problems. Alignment indicators are implemented to provide preventative visual warnings to drivers of excessive tire wear or other mechanical issues


Nitto’s 3D Multiwave sipes feature an interlocking ripple design, which allows the sipes to “lock” together while braking to act like a continuous tread block and provides traction while accelerating. Traction in high speed conditions is improved by an interlocking wave design that merges the sipes into functioning as a continuous tread block


Made in the USA using proprietary advanced tire manufacturing technology, Motivo delivers consistent tire uniformity for a smooth and enjoyable driving experience. Its functionally beautiful tread pattern was engineered to minimize road noise. The highly functional and aesthetically appealing tread pattern, constructed through innovative American engineering, works to reduce road noise while simultaneously providing tire stability for a quiet, comfortable ride


Continuous solid center rib provides straight-line stability. A sturdy, continuous central rib allows for enhanced lateral stability

Nitto's Motivo is an all season, ultra high performance tire built for use on luxury sedans, CUVs, and sport coupes. This robust tire employs Nitto's state of the art track and street tire technology to ensure optimal performance. Whether you are on the track or on the road, the Motivo tire is built to provide confident performance and superb ride quality.

Available Sizes

Part No Tire Size Speed Rating Load Rating Price
NIT-210200 235/40ZR18 W 95 $164.00
NIT-210040 235/45ZR17 W 97 $133.24
NIT-210270 245/55ZR18 W 103 $188.00
NIT-210450 315/35ZR20 Y 110 $273.00
NIT-210340 245/40ZR19 Y 98 $211.00
NIT-210020 225/50ZR17 W 98 $136.00
NIT-210180 255/35ZR18 W 94 $202.00
NIT-210250 225/50ZR18 Y 99 $166.00
NIT-210090 245/45ZR18 Y 100 $181.00
NIT-210320 275/35ZR19 Y 100 $251.00
NIT-210550 245/35ZR19 W 93 $218.00
NIT-210160 225/55ZR17 W 101 $141.00
NIT-210230 235/45ZR18 W 98 $181.00
NIT-210410 275/30ZR20 W 97 $253.00
NIT-210070 225/45ZR18 Y 95 $160.00
NIT-210300 235/35ZR19 W 91 $207.00
NIT-209980 255/45ZR19 W 104 $241.00
NIT-210480 245/45ZR20 Y 103 $207.00
NIT-210140 245/50ZR17 W 99 $165.00
NIT-210210 245/40ZR18 Y 97 $177.00
NIT-210370 245/50ZR19 W 105 $221.00
NIT-210050 245/45ZR17 W 99 $142.00
NIT-210460 245/40ZR20 Y 99 $238.00
NIT-210120 275/40ZR17 W 98 $165.00
NIT-210190 275/35ZR18 Y 99 $226.00
NIT-210350 225/45ZR19 Y 96 $203.00
NIT-210030 215/45ZR17 W 91 $127.31
NIT-210260 235/55ZR18 W 104 $188.00
NIT-210100 245/40ZR17 W 95 $150.00
NIT-210330 225/40ZR19 Y 93 $193.00
NIT-210560 315/35ZR17 W 106 $257.00
NIT-210170 235/55ZR17 W 103 $150.00
NIT-210240 255/45ZR18 W 103 $197.00
NIT-210420 245/35ZR20 W 95 $180.00
NIT-210080 235/50ZR18 W 101 $173.00
NIT-210310 255/35ZR19 Y 96 $214.00
NIT-210490 255/45ZR20 Y 105 $211.00
NIT-210150 215/55ZR17 W 98 $141.00
NIT-210220 255/40ZR18 W 99 $196.00
NIT-210060 225/40ZR18 W 92 $145.00
NIT-209960 295/30ZR20 W 101 $269.00
NIT-210470 275/40ZR20 Y 106 $235.00
NIT-210130 225/45ZR17 W 94 $133.24
NIT-210360 275/45ZR19 Y 108 $266.00
NIT-210110 255/40ZR17 W 98 $146.00
NIT-210430 255/35ZR20 W 97 $161.00
NIT-210000 205/50ZR17 W 93 $124.34
NIT-210280 255/55ZR18 W 109 $211.00
NIT-210440 275/35ZR20 Y 102 $269.00
NIT-210010 215/50ZR17 W 95 $134.00
NIT-209990 245/45ZR19 Y 102 $222.00
NIT-210400 275/55ZR19 W 111 $258.00
NIT-210290 275/30ZR19 W 96 $258.00