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Nitto Tire Dune Grappler

Nitto Dune Grappler Tires

Nitto Dune Grappler Performance Ratings
Wet Braking/ Wet Traction/ Wet Performance :

Ride Comfort:

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Nitto Dune Grappler Features


Each Grappler has two sidewall designs so you can choose how your tires look. On the Dune Grappler one side has Old English lettering and the other has traditional lettering. This feature was an engineering feat since even a small weight imbalance can cause unwanted vibrations. See how Nitto produces exceptionally uniform off-road tires even with different designs. Nitto combines sleek aesthetics with innovative production to produce two optional sidewall designs-- one side with Old English wording and one with classic wording, while maintaining minimal road vibrations.


The intermediate void ratio between the tread blocks helps to provide off-road performance in loose dirt and sand. The tread block is equipped with a transitional void ratio that combats debris from rugged terrains for exceptional off road performance


Three-ply polyester sidewall construction* and sidewall lugs aid in puncture resistance Tire strength and durability are increased through the utilization of three ply polyester sidewall construction and sidewall lugs that combat punctures and wounds


The Dune Grappler®’s 3D grooving and tread blocks help reduce tread movement. This helps reduce irregular wear and minimize road noise. Irregular wear and road noise are minimized by 3D grooves and tread blocks that work to reduce movement in the tread

Nitto's Dune Grappler is a desert terrain tire built for use on trucks and SUVs. This powerful tire offers dynamic off road performance while simultaneously maintaining on road manners and daily driving capabilities. The Dune Grappler offers class leading performance on tough terrains with dirt, sand, and rubble for an exciting adventure off road.

Available Sizes

Part No Tire Size Speed Rating Load Rating Price
NIT-202710 LT285/55R20 R 122 $442.00
NIT-202790 LT285/70R17 R 126 $298.00