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Fuel Tire Gripper A/T

Fuel Gripper A/T Tires

Fuel Gripper A/T Performance Ratings
Wet Braking/ Wet Traction/ Wet Performance :

Tread Life/ Mileage/ Wear :

Ride Comfort:

Winter Performance/ Snow Traction/ Snow :

Fuel Gripper A/T Features

Tornado-style pattern design

Tornado-style pattern design, greatly improving tire grip, also providing you a beautifully simple and elegant appearance.

Small sipes design

Small sipes design, providing vastly reduced road noise and heat release, while improving overall ride comfort and tire service life.

Groove design

Deepening the tires groove design, greatly improving the wear resistance of the tire.

Rubber design

Thicker base rubber design, making the tire more difficult to puncture.

The Fuel Gripper A/T is a bold all terrain designed for use on off road trucks and SUVs. This rugged tire offers unrelenting performance in a multitude of road settings as well as remakrable wear resistance for severe conditions. Backed with an enhanced tread life of 55,000 miles, the Gripper A/T offers superior performance for off road enthusiasts.

Available Sizes

Part No Tire Size Speed Rating Load Rating Price
Fuel-RFAT32560R20 325/60R20 R 123 $344.40