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Dunlop Tire SP Winter Sport 4D ROF

Dunlop SP Winter Sport 4D ROF Tires

Dunlop SP Winter Sport 4D ROF Features


An innovative 4D sipe system allows for additional shoulder area sipes that work to improve braking and speeding capabilities in winter conditions


Self interlocking 4D sipes deliver increased tread block durability for superb handling


Handling and cornering in winter conditions are improved by the sipe system's even pressure distribution on the tread face


Deep snow notches work alongside angular grooves to increase winter traction and overall performance

Dunlop's Winter Sport 4D ROF is an ultra high performance winter tire designed for a wide range of sports vehicles. This powerful winter tire offers class leading braking and acceleration performance capabilities as well as run flat capabilities, for all encompassing safety. The SP Winter Sport 4D ROF is designed to excel in intense cold weather and provides superior handling and overall performance for a confident winter ride.

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