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Atturo Tire AZ850

Atturo AZ850 Tires

Atturo AZ850 Performance Ratings
Wet Braking/ Wet Traction/ Wet Performance :

Quiet Ride/ Noise Comfort/ Quietness :

Winter Performance/ Snow Traction/ Snow :

Atturo AZ850 Features

Oblique lateral grooves

In each of the tread blocks increases the tires ability to disperse water from each area while in motion, reducing hydroplaning

Finely slicked blocks

on the inside shoulders reduce noise and allow water to flow out of the contact area

Large Shoulder Tread blocks

Designed to be mounted toward the curb where the majority of cornering force is exerted. they remain rigid under stress for precise and predictable turning, especially for higher center of gravity vehicles

Solid center rib

Improves straight line stability for a solid "on center" feel.

Atturo's AZ850 is an ultra high performance tire built for use on contemporary SUVs, CUVs, sport trucks, and even muscle cars! This powerful tire is designed to complement the high performance capabilities of such vehicles. The AZ850 provides remarkable traction, cornering grip, and stability for a price that won't break the bank.

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