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The unconventional Moto Metal Wheels combine bold appearance with steadfast utility. These wheels, which have their roots in off-road adventure, come in a wide range of colors, from chrome to black, to suit the diverse tastes of ardent fans. Moto Metal wheels capture the stories of those who accept chaos and etch their own histories with a dedication to durability and sturdiness.

Moto Metal Wheels Models

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Moto Metal Off-road wheels come in a wide range of impactful styles that add a bold, adventurous look to today's trucks, 4x4s, and SUVs. These stylish truck rims are built with power and robust craftsmanship to muscle through dirt trails and harsh offroad terrain, while demonstrating excellent long-term durability. Whether riding the streets or rolling through the dust, Moto Metal wheels offer a crisp, striking look for your trusty pickup or Jeep!

Best Moto Metal Wheels

Moto Metal Wheels are the perfect choice for anyone looking for an edgy, rebellious style. These wheels are not for the mainstream; they are for those who want to stand out and defy convention. Moto Metal wheels are the ultimate symbol of a culture of unapologetic individuals. They are loud, and ready to drop jaws. So if you're looking for a wheel that will make a statement, Moto Metal is the brand for you.

View Moto Metal on Your Truck or SUV with the Wheel Visualizer!

The all-new Wheel Visualizer lets you view our Custom Fuel Wheels on Jeeps, Trucks, SUVs or Off-Road Vehicles. With many makes and models to choose from, the Wheel Visualizer lets you Visualize what our moto metal Custom Wheels will look like after being mounted on your vehicle. If you can not find your vehicle, please return later; we are constantly updating the Wheel Visualizer to bring as many Cars, Trucks, and SUV Vehicles as possible. In addition, we are constantly updating our Custom Wheel Selection. Check out the all-new Wheel Visualizer. Also, see our Custom Wheel Image Gallery.

About Moto Metal Wheels

Moto Metal Founded in 2002, Moto Metal is the ultimate symbol of an individual's culture, Moto Metal wheels are loud and unapologetically rebellious. Unlike other brands that merely challenge society with their own style but never really question what it means to be “normal” or mainstream - these folks take things as far away from routine life can they go without leaving forever behind all notions such as polite behavior in order make a statement about who you truly belong too: neither societal norms nor traditionalist expectations should dictate your future!

Pros and Cons of Moto Metal Wheels


1.Wide range of sizes

2.Several finish options

3.Superior Strength and durability

4.Unique designs styles


1.They may be too different for some people

2.They may be hard to find due to demand

Benefits of Moto Metal Wheels

Moto Metal Wheels are some of the most popular aftermarket wheels on the market. Moto Metal Wheels are built for those who want exceptional quality and style. Moto Metal Wheels are available in a wide range of sizes, finishes, and designs to suit any need or taste. Moto Metal Wheels offer superior strength and durability, making them an excellent choice for off-road driving. Moto Metal Wheels also offer a unique style that can set your vehicle apart from the rest. If you're looking for aftermarket wheels that offer both quality and style, Moto Metal Wheels are an excellent option.

How to Pick the Right Moto Metal Wheels for Your Vehicle

Picking the right Moto wheels for your vehicle is important if you want to improve its performance. The first step is to choose the right size. You'll need to know the diameter of your vehicle's current wheels and the width of the tires. You can find that on the sidewall of the tires on your original wheels or the inside frame of the driver's door. The wheel diameter (in inches or millimeters) is the fifth set of numbers and letters. Check out Reading a Tire Sidewall Code for More Information.

Moto Metal Wheels FAQs

Is Moto Metal Wheels a good rim?

Yes, Moto Metal Wheels is a good rim. They offer a wide selection of high quality wheels that fit most vehicles. They have a long history of manufacturing top-quality products and have a reputation for providing excellent customer service. If you're looking for a good rim, Moto Metal Wheels is definitely worth considering.

Are Moto Metal wheels American made?

Yes, Moto Metal wheels are American made. They have a manufacturing facility in Corona, California and all of their products are designed and engineered in the United States. Moto Metal is proud to be an American company and they're committed to providing high-quality products that meet the needs of their customers.

How are Moto wheels measured?

At the lip of the wheel, lay a straightedge across the back. Measuring from the straightedge to the flange (wheel center and lug holes). This is the wheel's backspace. Backspace refers to how much space the wheel has. Check out our Wheel Fitment Guide.

What is the bolt pattern of a wheel?

Bolt Patterns are diameters of imaginary circles that pass through the center of the bolt holes. See our Vehicle Bolt Pattern Reference Guide.

What is backspacing of a wheel?

The distance from the mounting surface to the back of the wheel. Check out our Wheel Fitment Guide.

What is the offset of a wheel?

The distance from the centerline of the wheel to the face of the mounting surface of the wheel that contacts the hub. A simple way to understand offset is the lower the offset, the more the wheel will stick out; likewise, the higher the offset, the more the wheel will tuck in. Check out or Offset information page.

What is the best way to take care of my Moto Metal wheels?

Care for the finish of your wheels the way you would care for the finish of your car. Do not use abrasive materials to clean wheels as they can damage the finish. Use caution when cleaning tires with a bristle brush and never use scouring pads. Use caution in automatic car washes because steam cleaners and strong chemicals that are sometimes used can cause permanent staining or corrosion.

Never clean wheels when they are hot. Always allow the wheels time to cool before cleaning with soap and water. Never spray cold water on extremely hot wheels.

Can I Finance Moto Wheels?

Yes, Check out our Wheels and Tires Financing options.

Are Moto Metal wheels compatible with all vehicle types?

They are most compatible with large vehicles such as trucks and SUVs, they also work good for off road vehicles. However, you must check manufacturers recommendations as compatibility depends on various factors.

Are Moto Metal wheels designed for off-road use?

Moto Metal wheels cater to both on-road and off-road fans with various options like chrome and black wheels. These rugged and aggressive designs are ideal for off-road use, but their design, size, and features determine their suitability for different conditions.

Are there different finishes available for Moto Metal wheels?

Moto Metal Wheels are available in several different finishes, such as chrome, matte black, and more. Think about the finish that will go best with the colour and design of your car and select the perfect wheel.

Do Moto Metal wheels have a load rating?

Moto Metal wheels either 20-inch moto metal wheels or 18-inch moto metal wheel offer load ratings of over 1.6 tones.

Do Moto Metal wheels require any special care in harsh weather conditions?

Indeed, Moto Metal wheels may need extra attention in bad weather, just like any other type of wheel. Damage from factors like salt, moisture, and severe temperatures may be avoided by routine cleaning, barrier coatings, and appropriate maintenance.

Are there any specific tire brands recommended for use with Moto Metal wheels?

Moto Metal wheels are compatible with most of the brands however there is no specific recommended brand to use with moto metal wheels.

Most Famous Moto Metal Wheels

Chrome Moto Metal Wheels

Black Moto Metal Wheels

Moto Metal MO200 Chrome Center with Gloss Black Lip

20-inch Moto Metal Wheels

18-inch Moto Metal Wheels

Moto Metal MO202 Chrome Center with Gloss Black Lip

Moto Metal MO800 Deep Six Gloss Black Milled

Tips for Buying Custom And Aftermarket Wheels Online

When shopping for custom wheels online, it's important to consider the following factors:

1. Construction: Look for wheels that are built to withstand the rigors of off-roading. One-piece, two-piece, and deep lip constructions are all ideal for off-road use.

2. Finish: Chrome and black finishes add a touch of luxury to your ride, while matte and gloss black finishes offer a more rugged look.

3. Size: Make sure to choose the right size wheel for your vehicle. Consult our wheel fitment guide to make sure you're getting the right size wheel for your ride.

4. Price: Wheels can vary in price significantly, Discounted Wheel Warehouse offers the best prices online with fast, free shipping.

5. Customer Service: When buying wheels online, it's important to buy from a retailer that offers good customer service. If you have any questions or problems with your purchase, you'll want to be able to get in touch with customer service quickly and easily.

Wheel and Tire Experts

If you are looking for a great deal on Moto wheels, then Discounted Wheel Warehouse is the place for you. We have a large selection of Moto wheels to choose from, and our staff has over 20 years of combined experience to help you find the perfect wheel and ensure the fitment for your vehicle.

Moto Wheel Offset Information

When picking out a Moto , choosing the right offset is essential. Offset refers to where the wheel mounts to the hub. If the hub-mounting surface is positioned in the center of the wheel, it is considered to have a negative offset. If the hub-mounting surface is closer to the wheel, it has a positive offset. If the hub-mounting surface is closer to the brakes, the wheel has a negative offset.

Your vehicle's owner's manual should specify what type of offset is needed. If you choose the wrong type of offset, it could cause your wheel and tires to stick out too far from the vehicle, or it could cause them to interfere with the braking system. Check out our Wheel Fitment Guide.

Best Prices on Moto Wheels and Rims Online

Discounted Wheel Warehouse offers a wide range of Moto Wheel styles and finishes to choose from, so you're sure to find the perfect set of wheels for your vehicle. …………..Plus, our customer service is second to none, so you can rest assured that you're always getting the best possible product. Have Questions? Contact Us now!