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Sleek and robust, Centerline performance wheels blend classic and modern styles for a bold, stylish look on modern muscle cars and off-road trucks. These aftermarket rims are manufactured with cutting-edge methods to ensure exceptional durability and quality construction. Building on decades of wheel manufacturing, Centerline wheels combine modern engineering with retro designs for solid racing performance in racing and street driving while honoring the Centerline legacy!

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How long has Centerline Wheels been around?

Centerline was founded in 1970

How are Centerline wheels measured?

At the lip of the wheel, lay a straightedge across the back. Measuring from the straightedge to the flange (wheel center and lug holes). This is the wheel's backspace. Backspace refers to how much space the wheel has. Check out our Wheel Fitment Guide.

What is the bolt pattern of a wheel?

Bolt Patterns are diameters of imaginary circles that pass through the center of the bolt holes. See our Vehicle Bolt Pattern Reference Guide.

What is backspacing of a wheel?

The distance from the mounting surface to the back of the wheel. Check out our Wheel Fitment Guide.

What is the offset of a wheel?

The distance from the centerline of the wheel to the face of the mounting surface of the wheel that contacts the hub. A simple way to understand offset is the lower the offset, the more the wheel will stick out; likewise, the higher the offset, the more the wheel will tuck in. Check out or Offset information page.

Can I Finance Centerline Wheels?

Yes, Check out our Wheels and Tires Financing options.