2020 Ford Transit Connect

2020 Ford Transit Connect Tires

2020 Ford Transit Connect Tires Options

It's been 4 years for your Transit Connect. Now is the perfect time to upgrade your ride! Ford is known for its American ingenuity and rugged durability, making it the perfect candidate for a wheel upgrade. For your 2020 Transit Connect, we have 16 inch and 17 inch tires that would be perfect. With a diverse range of tires available, we have options for every budget and driving need. Our fitment expertise ensures that your new tires will fit perfectly. Popular brands for the Transit Connect include Falken, Hankook, and Kelly. At Discounted Wheel Warehouse, we're committed to finding the best tires for your Ford Transit Connect.

2020 Ford Transit Connect also come with a range of OE tires sizes, including:

205/55R17 tires

205/60R16 tires

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2020 Ford Transit Connect WHEEL & TIRE PACKAGE

Bundle your choice of tires with your favourite wheels for cost savings and convenience.