305/30R26 Tires

Looking for the best tires that deliver top performance? 305/30R26 is just the right tire size for people driving sports cars, luxury performance sedans, and other performance-oriented cars. Available in several tire types, including summer performance tires, ultra-high-performance tires, and a few all-season tires for those who like driving style. Hurry and get your best-rated 305/30R26 tires that ship quickly, offer financing possibilities, build the best prices, and much more to improve your driving!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The ideal rim size for a 305/30r26 tire width is generally a 10-inch rim or wider rim. It depends on the tire model and the tire kit manufacturing company’s recommendations. You can refer to the tire kit’s guidelines or your car owner’s manual for the most appropriate rim for your 305 tires.

Although the 305 tires can sometimes be put on 20-inch wheels, this is not a common solution. The 305 tire width is usually on larger wheels such as 22 inches or more in diameter. It is to obtain both sufficient wheel clearance for the wider tire and proper performance and handling.

Multiply the tire’s width 305 mm by the profile aspect ratio of 0.30. Add the wheel diameter of 26 inches to the result. The overall tire diameter would be approximately 33.5 inches or 850.9 mm.

A 305 tire size means that the tire width is 305 millimeters. This tire is relatively wide, and one can find it on high-performance cars, luxury sedans, and other cars with specialized designs. This can be fed for larger tire sizes for enhanced grip and responsiveness.

The recommended tire pressure for 305 30R26 specification tires is typically 30-35 PSI. The owner’s manual and the placard for the tire information for your tire provide the most precise recommendation. The preferred pressure may change depending on vehicle load, climate, driving conditions, and temperature.