295/35R18 Tires

High-performance tires that can unlock the maximum potential of your sports car or performance car? Check out the 295/35R18. High-end sports cars, muscle cars, and tires for performance-focused SUVs and crossovers account for this aggressive size, available in a wide selection of tire types that may cater to your driving demands. No issue if you require ultrahigh-performance summer tires, all-weather variants, or even those suited for the track with 295 35R18 applications. The top 295/35R18 tires provide fast shipping, guilt-free financing, and other advantages to give you unrivaled value and strengthen your driving vacation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A295 35R18 converts to a tire and has a tread width of around 11.6 inches per sidewall. Moreover, its sidewall height is equivalent to about 4.1 inches when mounted on an 18-inch wheel rim. The overall diameter of this tire is around 25.2 inches.

The 295/35R18 size of a tire is most often met on high-performance vehicles. These are sports cars of various types, muscle cars, and performance-focused SUVs and crossovers. High-performance vehicles tend to often include sports cars of different leading or local brands, such as Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, or Ford.

The 295/35R18 tires should be replaced when the 2/32-inch tread depth is or less already or when the tires exhibit extensive wear, cracks, bulges, or other physical signs of damage such that the tires are no longer roadworthy. Regular tire rotations and checks can also help in extending a tire’s life expectancy. Furthermore, try to replace them within 4-5 years of usage since the memorable compounds can degrade over time.

The appropriate tire pressure of 295/35R18 tires can vary between different vehicle manufacturers or the make of the two. However, for most high-performance vehicles, it should range between 35-45 PSI, that is, 241 to 310 kPa. Even so, it is critical to consult your car manual or the tire provider for the right instance.

The life range of 295/35R18 tires can significantly fluctuate. It depends on factors like individual driving styles, car loading, tire pressure and alignment, and road conditions. Typically, good quality 295 35R18 tires serve from 15,000 to 30,000 hours of regular use. In years, it equals 2 to 4 years with all conditions fulfilled, including tire rotation, alignment, and inflation.