205/55R15 Tires

Do you need a dependable and efficient tire for your sedan, coupe, or compact SUV? In that case, the 205/55R15 size offers numerous options to suit your driving requirements. This size supports all-season tires, which have excellent traction all year, high-mileage touring tires, designed for longevity and comfort, and even fuel-efficient models that can aid in cutting the cost of fuel. Take your pick of all-weather capability, smooth and quiet ride on a budget, or ample tread life. Here are the best 205/55R15 tires, with fast shipping, affordable prices, and easy financing.

205/55r15 all season tires
205/55r15 summer tires
205/55r15 performance tires
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Frequently Asked Questions

A 205 55R15 tire will typically fit on a 15-inch wheel rim. This tire should be about 23.6 inches across, converting to 600 millimeters. The measurement includes tires that are 205 millimeters wide, which have a 55% aspect ratio and a diameter of 15 inches.

Tire pressure for a 205 55R15 tire varies based on the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations and variations. In most cases, passenger vehicles have a tire pressure of 30-35 PSI. However, it is recommended to use the vehicle’s OEM manual or manufacturing instructions to determine the exact pressure levels.

Although the overall diameters of both rims are similar, the actual tread width and sidewall height are significantly different. It is not recommended to replace the tire, as it can have an impact on the handling, speedometer calibration, and suspension. Find the tire size suitable for your vehicle by following the owner’s instructions or an expert.

The weight a 205 55R15 tire can carry depends on the tire type and load index. Generally, common passenger car tires that use this size have a range of 87–94 load indexes. Therefore, one can expect these car tires to carry a high weight capacity of 1,201–1,477 pounds per tire. However, you should be certain by checking the tire’s sidewall or confirming with the tire manufacturer.