Laufenn Tires

Laufenn Tires

Whether you are driving to work, meeting friends, or planning a road trip, Laufenn has all the tires you need. With simple and straightforward designs, they have a wide collection of tires for all categories. Laufenn Tires is a major player in the automotive industry. Known for its quality craftsmanship, Laufenn Tires strives to meet customer needs. They have all-season, all-terrain, car tires, off-road tires, and much more. Let’s discuss each category, model, and their benefits.

All-Season Tires

Laufenn All-Season Tires

Laufenn offers a range of all-season tires, including the G FIT AS, S FIT AS, and X FIT HP, as well as the X FIT HT. Typically, these tires have a longer tread life compared to specialized tires. That helps in reducing the frequency of tire replacements. Secondly, these tires offer a complete balance between the grip of summer tires and the traction of winter tires. Thus, providing adequate performance in most driving conditions.

All-Terrain Tires

Laufenn All-Terrain Tires

The first and foremost benefit of the all-terrain tires is durability. Laufenn’s X FIT AT tire is constructed with reinforced sidewalls and tread patterns. This optimizes the performance for all kinds of terrain. Also, the unique tread pattern enhances resistance to punctures and damage. If you do not like to replace your tires every season, this tire option is an ideal candidate.

Car Tires

Laufenn Car Tires

Laufenn offers the G FIT AS, S FIT AS, and S FIT EQ+ tires, along with the I FIT Ice option for icy conditions. These tires provide the essential grip and traction on the road. It allows the driver to completely stay in control of the vehicle with increased safety.

Highway Tires

Laufenn Highway Tires

Laufenn manufactures the X FIT HT, X FIT HP, and X FIT Van tires for highway driving. Since the average speed is quite high on highways these tires are equipped with exceptional handling traits. Also, low rolling resistance design contributes to improved fuel efficiency – saving fuel costs over time. For a smooth and comfortable ride, these tires top the list.

Offroad Tires

Laufenn Offroad Tires

For off-road enthusiasts, Laufenn presents the X FIT AT tire option. This tire has all the qualities you need to experience the joy of off-roading. Designed with aggressive tread patterns and large voids to provide maximum grip and traction. What's more, these tires provide adequate performance on paved surfaces as well. So, that is two for one, what more do you need?

Performance Tires

Laufenn Performance Tires

Laufenn offers the S FIT AS, X FIT HP, S FIT EQ+, and X FIT HT tire options in this category. These tires reduce the braking distance with superior grip and traction. Which is particularly helpful in emergency situations. Since these tires are focused on performance, they offer responsive steering and agility. Consequently, allowing drivers to control the vehicle at high speeds and around tight corners.

Summer Tires

Laufenn Summer Tires

Laufenn features the S FIT EQ+ tire, engineered to withstand hot and humid weather. Not only to withstand, these tires continue to provide optimal performance under the scorching heat. This tire is capable of superior dry performance, providing excellent traction and grip on dry roads. Even in high temperatures, it reduces the risk of tire degradation and blowouts.

SUV Tires

Laufenn SUV Tires

Laufenn provides the X FIT AT, X FIT HT, I FIT Ice, X FIT HP, and X FIT Van tire options for SUV owners. Since SUVs are larger in structure, they require larger tires. However, larger tires don't necessarily mean higher fuel consumption. It is certainly not the case with these tires. This tire offers excellent fuel average, thanks to the unique tread design. Also, these tires work on all terrains.

Touring Tires

Laufenn Touring Tires

For extra smooth and comfortable rides, Laufenn offers the G FIT AS tire. This tire absorbs road imperfections and reduces vibrations. Hence, providing a smooth and comfortable driving experience, especially during long trips. Moreover, these tires are perfect for day-to-day commuting. Save money on fuel and provide value for money.

Trailer Tires

Laufenn Trailer Tires

Laufenn tires can easily adjust on various vehicle types, and the trailer is one of them. For trailer owners, Laufenn supplies the X FIT Van tire. It is a versatile tire and very year-round in its service life. Besides, you do not have to worry about the wear rate of these tires. These tires can withstand huge loads without damage.

Truck Tires

Laufenn Truck Tires

Laufenn provides the X FIT AT, X FIT HT, X FIT HP, and X FIT Van tire options that are perfect for long hauls. These tires enhance the overall driving experience by elevating handling. Furthermore, since these tires work through all seasons, they reduce replacement and maintenance costs as well. Choose the tire suitable for your trailer from the wide array of options.

Winter/Snow Tires

Laufenn Winter/Snow Tires

Laufenn offers the I FIT Ice Tire for snowy and cold conditions. Some regions require mandatory winter tires, so this model comes up as an ideal choice. It has a high resistance to cold temperatures which keeps the tire flexible throughout. Moreover, this tire offers peace of mind and safety for drivers facing harsh winter conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Laufenn is a sub-brand of Hankook Tire. It is backed by South Korean companies that manufacture tires exclusively at Hankook's plant in Bekasi, Indonesia.

Yes, Laufenn Tires is a reputable brand striving to provide quality and safety. These tires provide excellent traction and handling ability in all terrains and seasons. Hence, these tires are an ideal option for drivers seeking safety and control.

Tire retailers, online platforms, and automotive stores sell these tires – occasionally at a discount. However, Discounted Wheel Warehouse is offering mega discounts on these tires! Check out our online store now.

Laufenn tires have a tread life guarantee of 5 years/45,000 miles. Also, it includes a 5-year material warranty. The extended warranty life showcases Laufenn’s quality.

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