Landgolden Tires

Landgolden Tires

Landgolden Limited Corporation is a business company in Thailand that makes tires. It started in 2000 and has quickly grown to be a large player in the global tire marketplace. Landgolden makes vehicle tires that are excellent for the surroundings, work simply well, and are of high quality.
The company has a manufacturing unit in Thailand that could make 10 million tires. It has many certifications, like ISO9001, CCC, DOT, ECE, INMETRO, NOM, and GCC. Landgolden makes unique sorts of tires for special vehicles like passenger cars, SUVs, CUVs, and light trucks.

All-Season Tires

Landgolden All-Season Tires

The LandGolden all-season tire LG27 works much more then expected in all weather conditions and is designed for cars.It has great control, 3 middle ribs for better contact with the road and steering response, and a special tread pattern for better grip in all seasons.

All-Terrain Tires

Landgolden All-Terrain Tires

The Landgoldenall-terrain tire LGT57 A/T provide a quiet and comfy trip. Additionally, their huge, staggered tread factors and durable compound enhance traction on gentle, free, and uneven surfaces.

Car Tires

Landgolden Car Tires

Landgolden affords an expansion of car tires, such as the well-liked LG27 version, famed for its easy trip and solid grip on dry roads. Although every tire size has its qualities the LGV77, and LG27 are the best.

Highway Tires

Landgolden Highway Tires

Landgolden has designed its highway tires, including the LGV77, to provide excellent stability in a straight line, behave well on roads, give good feedback to the driver, and respond well to steering.

Offroad Tires

Landgolden Offroad Tires

Landgolden has engineered their offroad tires, such as the LGT57 A/T, to improve grip on soft, loose, and uneven surfaces.

Performance Tires

Landgolden Performance Tires

Landgolden has designed their performance tires, like the LG27, LGS87, LG17 and lastly, LGV77 to grip the road better, control smoothly, and move easily even at high speeds.

SUV Tires

Landgolden SUV Tires

Landgolden presents a range of SUV tires, inclusive of the LGT67 HT and LGS87 models, designed for all-season and all-terrain overall performance, respectively.

Truck Tires

Landgolden Truck Tires

Landgolden’s truck tires cater to the necessities of heavy-responsibility vehicles. The LandGolden LGS87 and LGT67 HT are well-liked models. It’s a closed-shoulder-drive radial tire designed for commercial trucks and buses. They made it for long-distance use.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Landgolden Limited Corporation, located in Thailand, produces Landgolden tires.

Landgolden LG27:
These tires are straightforward to mount and hold brilliant stability without the need for added weights. They provide an easy experience on both dry and moist roads with minimum road noise. However, they are marketed with a tread intensity of 12/32; however, they degree at 9/32.
Landgolden LGT57:
These all-terrain tires provide a quiet and cozy ride. However, they tend to accumulate and trap gravel within the treads. Their performance in wet conditions is below average, resulting in a slippery and unsure sense on moist surfaces. Moreover, they put on out faster than predicted.

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