BFGoodrich Radial TA Best

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Part#: BFG-94684

Size: 205/60R15

UTQG: 400 A B

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$130.99 - $271.99

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Tire Features

Wet Performance
Wet Performance

Product Description

BF Goodrich's Radial T/A is engineered with an all season tread compound and variable groove angle geometry that improve traction. An optimized, all season tread pattern utilizes tread block phasing for minimal road noise. BF Goodrich's Equal Tension Containment System works with twin steel belts to stabilize the tire for improved ride comfort. g-Wedge sidewall stabilizers enhance the tire's torisional rigidity for excellent lateral stability and responsiveness. The Radial T/A's elegant styling and contemporary construction make it the ideal choice for muscle cars.

Tire Sizes

Tire Size Load/Speed PLY Sidewall
205/60R13 86S RWL
Tire Size Load/Speed PLY Sidewall
205/70R14 93S RWL
215/70R14 96S RWL
235/60R14 96S RWL
225/60R14 94S RWL
245/60R14 98S RWL
215/60R14 91S E RWL
225/70R14 98S RWL
Tire Size Load/Speed PLY Sidewall
215/70R15 97S RWL
215/65R15 95S E RWL
205/60R15 90S E RWL
195/60R15 87S RWL
155/80R15 83S RWL
225/70R15 100S RWL
215/60R15 93S E RWL
235/70R15 102S RWL
295/50R15 105S RWL
275/60R15 107S RWL
255/70R15 108S RWL
255/60R15 102S RWL
245/60R15 100S RWL
235/60R15 98S RWL
225/60R15 95S RWL
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