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Yokohama Tire Avid Envigor ZPS

Yokohama Avid Envigor ZPS Tires

Yokohama Avid Envigor ZPS Features

Angled Groove Walls And Adaptive 3D Sipes

Help resist hydroplaning and maintain wet and winter grip for the life of the tire.

Uniblock Shoulder And Tapered Rib

Enhance stiffness for improved handling on wet and dry roads.

Six-Pitch Tread Variation

Separates the tread blocks into six size and shape variations to reduce pattern noise.

Sidewall Reinforcement

Combines with our low-heat-generating compound to maintain sidewall strength when driving on low air pressure.

Yokohama’s Avid Envigor ZPS is an all season, high performance tire developed for use on performance and passenger cars. Built as the successor to the AVID Envigor, this resilient tire offers the all season performance power and comfort levels of its predecessor with the addition of run flat performance capabilities. The Avid Envigor is an excellent choice for drivers seeking a consistent all season tire that won’t let them down.