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Westlake Tire SL309

Westlake SL309 Tires

Westlake SL309 Features

Variable pitch tread

Variable pitch tread reduces road noise for a smoother, quieter ride.

Open shoulder design

Open shoulder design enhances quicker water evacuation for better wet traction.

Staggered tread blocks

Staggered tread blocks improve grip and traction with an enhanced tire-to-road contact.

Circumferential ribs

Circumferential ribs improve highway stability, lateral traction, and steering response.

Westlake's SL309 is an all season highway terrain tire developed for use on light trucks, pickup trucks, vans, and SUVs. This robust tire offers a heavy load carrying capacity for commercial use along with powerful all season traction. Additionally backed with light off road capabilities, the SL309 is an excellent tire for budget minded drivers who are seeking a powerful all season tire.

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