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Accelera Tire Ultra-3

Accelera Ultra-3 Tires

Accelera Ultra-3 Features

Two wide grooves

combined with a smaller center groove rapidly clear water to prevent hydroplaning

Twin ribs and circumferential sipes

provide on and off-road traction in dry and wet conditions while enhancing driving comfort

Notched shoulder blocks

offer excellent cornering stability

The Ultra-3 by Accelera is a commercial tire optimized for light commercial applications on commercial vehicles. This robust tire offers outstanding durability and strength for the most intense driving applications. For a powerful tire that delivers consistent performance even during heavier load carrying capacity applications and severe weather settings, the Ultra 3 is sure to exceed expectations.

Available Sizes

Part No Tire Size Speed Rating Load Rating Price
ACCELERA-1200034450 235/65R16 R 115/113 $157.28