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Pirelli Tires-PZero Run Flat 275/40R19 101Y XL BSW

275/40R19 101Y XL BSW Passenger

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Brand: Pirelli

Model: PZero Run Flat

Size: 275/40R19

Part#: PIR-2122700



The Pirelli PZero Run Flat tire comes in 275/40R19. It has a Load Index of 101 which means the tire is rated to hold up to 1819 lbs. The tire has a Speed Rating of Y so it is rated to go up to 186 mph. The tire comes in a Black Side Wall.The PZero Runflat is formulated with innovative, silica and carbon black hybrid element that enhances performance throughout the entirety of the tire's life. This hybrid compound forms into Pirelli's proprietary, S-treme asymmetric tread design. The tread features lateral and circumferential grooves that are optimized to combat deformation as well as enhance handling responsiveness, provide even wear, and premium ride quality. Pirelli's high pitch sequence allows for improved traction and ride comfort. This tire features run flat performance capabilities. Pirelli's Run Flat technology enables extended mobility to the tire in the event of pressure loss. Internally, the PZero Runflat features dual steel belts that are reinforced with polyamide cord plies and a nylon-Aramid cord to maintain the tire's profile while also stabilizing ride quality.

More Information
Brand Pirelli
Model PZero Run Flat
Tire Size 275/40R19
loadindex 101
Speed Rating Y