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Milestar Tires-Patagonia M/T 35x1250R20 125Q F ROWL

35x1250R20 125Q F ROWL Light Truck

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Brand: Milestar

Model: Patagonia M/T

Size: 35x1250R20

Part#: Milestar-MLS22229501



The Milestar Patagonia M/T tire comes in 35x1250R20. It has a Load Index of 125 which means the tire is rated to hold up to 3638 lbs. The tire has a Speed Rating of Q so it is rated to go up to 99 mph. It has a Load Range of F, which is also known as 12 Ply. This is maximum safe carrying capacity of the tire. A higher Load Range allows the tire to carry a heavier load. The tire comes with a sidewall that has Raised Outline White Lettering. If you wish, you may opt to flip the tire around so that the Raised Outline White Lettering is not showing on the outside.The Patagonia M/T is formulated with a high durability, cut and chip resistant compound that forms into a high void tread pattern and a 3-ply sidewall. The high void tread enables outstanding self cleaning properties while stone ejectors expel rubble and debris away from the tire to maximize off road performance. This tire is equipped with a staggered tread block design and notched shoulder lugs that enhance on and off road traction. Biting edges and sipes work together to improve traction on wet and snowy roads. The Patagonia M/T features a sturdy, reinforced 3-ply sidewall that protects the tire from impact and abrasions for a safe ride on or off the road.

More Information
Brand Milestar
Model Patagonia M/T
Tire Size 35x1250R20
loadindex 125
Speed Rating Q