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Kumho Tires-Crugen HT51 285/45R22 114H XL BSW

285/45R22 114H XL BSW Car/SUV

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Brand: Kumho

Model: Crugen HT51

Size: 285/45R22

UTQG: 720 A A

Warranty: 75,000 Miles

Part#: KUMHO-2261663



The Kumho Crugen HT51 tire comes in 285/45R22. It has a Load Index of 114 which means the tire is rated to hold up to 2601 lbs. The tire has a Speed Rating of H so it is rated to go up to 130 mph. The UTQG rating is 720 A A. UTQG is a system of ratings that measures the Treadwear, Traction, and Temperature of the tire. Visit our Information Page to learn more about the UTQG ratings. The tire comes in a Black Side Wall.The Crugen HT51 is engineered with an all season compound that forms into an asymmetric tread pattern for powerful traction and remarkable handling on dry or wet roads. The tread pattern is optimized to work with center tread blocks to provide amplified steering responsiveness, lateral handling, and cornering stability. This tire is equipped with four circumferential grooves that promote rapid water evacuation to improve resistance to aquaplaning. 3-D zigzag sipes generate additional biting edges for impressive light snow traction. The Crugen HT51 is reinforced with a two ply polyester cord body that bolsters driving force and ride quality.

More Information
Brand Kumho
Model Crugen HT51
Tire Size 285/45R22
loadindex 114
Speed Rating H
UTQG 720 A A
warranty 75,000 Miles