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Ironman Tires-GR906 175/70R14 84T BW

175/70R14 84T BW Passenger

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Brand: Ironman

Model: GR906

Size: 175/70R14

Part#: Im-92586



The Ironman GR906 tire comes in 175/70R14. It has a Load Index of 84 which means the tire is rated to hold up to 1102 lbs. The tire has a Speed Rating of T so it is rated to go up to 118 mph. The tire comes in a Black Side Wall.The GR906 is engineered with a rubber compound that is optimized to enhance all season touring performance. This compound simultaneously functions to minimize rolling resistance for enhanced fuel efficiency as well as elevating wet traction. This compound forms into a symmetric tread design equipped with dense siping that bolsters handling and winter traction. This tire is equipped with optimized tread elements that reduce road noise, enhance stability and bolster traction. Whether you have a long commute ahead of you or you are just a daily driver, the GR906 is sure to exceed expectations!

More Information
Brand Ironman
Model GR906
Tire Size 175/70R14
loadindex 84
Speed Rating T