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Dub Wheels S265 Dirty Dog 24x10 Chrome 6x139.7 +25mm 106.1mm

Brand: Dub

Model: S265 Dirty Dog

Size :

Finish: Chrome

HubBore : 106.1

Sku : S265240084+25

Dub wheels from MHT come in a wide variety of hot, sleek styles, ranging from robust and sturdy to sleek and agile. Crisp and luxurious, these one-piece cast alloy rims are optimized for proper fitment and lightweight stability on passenger cars, light trucks, and SUVs. With premium construction and trendsetting aesthetic, Dub aftermarket rims offer a dazzling look for classic and modern cars alike!
More Information
Brand Dub
Model S265 Dirty Dog
Finish Chrome
Diameter 24