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Continental Tires-ContiPremiumContact 6 225/55R19 103Y XL BSW

225/55R19 103Y XL BSW Car/SUV

Brand: Continental

Model: ContiPremiumContact 6

Size: 225/55R19

UTQG: 280 AA A

Part#: 3581110000



The Continental ContiPremiumContact 6 tire comes in 225/55R19. It has a Load Index of 103 which means the tire is rated to hold up to 1929 lbs. The tire has a Speed Rating of Y so it is rated to go up to 186 mph. The UTQG rating is 280 AA A. UTQG is a system of ratings that measures the Treadwear, Traction, and Temperature of the tire. Visit our Information Page to learn more about the UTQG ratings. The tire comes in a Black Side Wall.Continental’s PremiumContact 6 tire is a premium summer tire formulated with a crystal Silica Safety compound that bolsters braking capabilities, particularly during wet road settings. This compound, which maintains exceptional safety levels and enhanced mileage, forms into an optimized tread that improves controllability and stability during turning. This resilient tire is equipped with ContiSeal technology and ContiSilent technology. The ContiSeal technology helps protect the tread from wounds and punctures by sealing holes with a sticky sealant layer from within the tread. The PremiumContact6 features an optimized macro block design that further amplifies lateral force transmission.

More Information
Brand Continental
Model ContiPremiumContact 6
Tire Size 225/55R19
loadindex 103
Speed Rating Y