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Picture this scene: you've just spent an hour in the waiting room of your local inspection shop and the mechanic has informed you that your truck tires are below the tread threshold and they no longer perform the way they are supposed to. You are two seconds away from pulling your hair out, considering fleeing the country and your bank account is shaking in fear. You need cheap truck tires, but what can you do? Thankfully, you're in luck because Discounted Wheel Warehouse is here as a resource for all of your tire related needs with our robust collection of discount truck tires and friendly staff, we will have you set and ready to get back on the road in no time.

Cheap Truck Tires - What Makes A Good Truck Tire?

Trucks come in all shapes and sizes so of course there is a wide variety of tire sizes, types and styles to fit your truck, SUV or Jeep.

You want truck tires whose tread design is a formidable match for the worst possible roads you will drive on. For example, if off-Road driving is a hobby you enjoy in your everyday life and you frequently leave the pavement for some time to hit those less traveled trails, you will want an all-terrain truck tire that can take the pressure.

Also, contrary to popular belief size does matter! A truck tire can only be considered good if it is the right size for the vehicle. If you super-size your tires you run the risk of compromising the safety of your truck because oversized tires will affect the accuracy of the speedometer, odometer, handling and steering response.

The final factor is load capacity, which is the amount of weight that your truck can safely support.

All of these factors when combined together make a good truck tire when they are considered with your truck in mind! At Discounted Wheel Warehouse, we carry all types of truck tires at discounted prices, whether you are in need of All-Terrain, Highway, mud-terrain, or other light truck tires, we stock them all. We can find you the best tires for your truck and lifestyle at the cheapest prices.

What Truck Tires Last the Longest?

We know you want the highest quality truck tires for the lowest prices, which is why you will want to know which tires last the longest. Brands such as BFGoodrich, Cooper, Michelin, and Goodyear are reliable, durable and have multiple options for trucks, SUVs and Jeeps. One of our personal favorites is the Michelin Defender LTX M/S, which is known for improved tread life in severe conditions. We are also big fans of the Kumho Crugen HT51 for the best value and durability for money.

How to Choose the Best Truck Tires

Determining the best tires for your truck is a big job and can affect the lifespan of your tires in the long run, so you will want to ensure you are making the correct choice! Your dependable, hard-working pickup, Jeep, or SUV needs similarly tough and durable tires to match its attitude and work output.

When choosing the best truck tires for cheap, we suggest doing your research by getting to know the different types of truck tires available and which tires are most suitable for your truck make and model and for how you use it. When in doubt, the staff at Discounted Wheel Warehouse are happy to help guide you in this decision. You will find that our lineup of truck and SUV tires includes a huge list of make and models, like older sport trucks from the Big Three, everyday use pickup trucks, crossovers, and a handful of light commercial and recreational vans.

Fun fact: all of our truck tires may be used for applications that are not exactly trucks, so you can have fun with the tire buying process! Maybe you are looking to enter a demolition derby with that sweet old Lincoln you just picked up for cheap and you want to throw a light truck tire on it for a more aggressive look to scare the competition. We are happy to help you scare away your competition and you can be sure we will have tires available for any needs you have. We carry Complete Wheel & Tire packages, and fast shipping right to your door with all packages including 4 wheels and 4 tires.


What is the best discount tire shop?

We are proud to say that Discounted Wheel Warehouse is the best place to buy new tires! With us, customers can always expect the lowest prices available, and the highest quality, most knowledgeable service. We excel at finding the best deals we can provide to our customers, and we love to make it our business to sell reliable, and affordable discount tires for all manner of today's light trucks, SUVs, and Jeeps.

What are the top discount tire brands?

Cooper is the top discount tire brand, offering durability and longevity for reasonable prices. We are also fans of Goodyear, Falken, and Michelin and regularly recommend them to our customers.

Discount tire prices - Who has the lowest?

Discounted Wheel Warehouse consistently has the lowest discount tire prices. We maintain not only a great stock of cheap wholesale car tires but a highly knowledgeable and helpful staff that are happy to help you find the car tires you need. There's no doubt about Discounted Wheel Warehouse is a cut above the rest and can help you under any circumstance or situation.

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