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Bridgestone Tires-Dueler H/T 685 LT245/75R17 121R E OWL

LT245/75R17 121R E OWL

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Brand: Bridgestone

Model: Dueler H/T 685

Size: LT245/75R17

Warranty: 50,000 Miles

Part#: AUF-001341



The Bridgestone Dueler H/T 685 tire comes in LT245/75R17. It has a Load Index of 121 which means the tire is rated to hold up to 3197 lbs. The tire has a Speed Rating of R so it is rated to go up to 106 mph. The Bridgestone Dueler H/T 685 is made for Light Trucks, CUVs and SUVs. It has a Load Range of E, which is also known as 10 Ply. This is maximum safe carrying capacity of the tire. A higher Load Range allows the tire to carry a heavier load. The tire comes with a sidewall that has Outline White Lettering. If you wish, you may opt to flip the tire around so that the Raised Outline White Lettering is not showing on the outside.Bridgestone's Dueler H/T 685 is a premium light truck tire that offers a functional blend of heavy duty performance capabilities with enhanced all season traction. Engineered with substantial steel belts a 2-ply polyester construction, the Dueler H/T 685 is equipped for towing and heavy load carrying. This tire features an optimized tread design that improves winter traction and performance for a premium winter ride. The Dueler H/T 685 offers improved wet weather performance as a result of wide grooves that combat the risks of hydroplaning. Backed by a unique, new tire footprint, the Dueler H/T 685 is built to withstand heavy loads while still maintaining class leading performance.

More Information
Brand Bridgestone
Model Dueler H/T 685
Tire Size LT245/75R17
loadindex 121
Speed Rating R
warranty 50,000 Miles