Toyo Open Country RT Tire Overview

In the world of off-roading selecting the right tire is the most important thing, that can touch the rugged terrain beneath. We know the largest segments in off-road tires are all-terrain tires and mud-terrain tires.
The Company Toyo offers the Open Country tires designed to be a hybrid off-road tire that can be performed as mud terrain tires with superior ride quality and has a “go anywhere” design to perform as all-terrain tires.
Toyo Open Country RT is a Rugged terrain tire that can be built for truck and SUVs owners.

Toyo Open Country RT Tire Review

Toyo Open Country RT Features

The new Open Country RT combines off-road performance with on-road comfort.

Next-Generation Hybrid Tread Pattern:

The tire comes with silica compounds and an asymmetric tread design pattern to improve grip and an increased braking system to handle both wet and dry surfaces.

Aggressive Sidewall Design:

This tire comes with the feature of aggressive sidewall design with durable sidewall compounds that can help to give a little extra grip when you are in deep and also help to enhance the traction.

3-ply construction:

The three-ply construction helps to prevent cuts and slashes and contributes excellent durability, Impact resistance.

Tread blocks:

The Unique design of the tread blocks helps to make the tire stable on the highways.

Stone and Mud Ejectors:

The high density of the grooves around the tread can increase the grip on wet traction and reduce the risk of water slipping and prevent the stones and mud from the grooves to avoid tire damages and resist punctures.

Open, Scalloped Shoulder Blocks:

This tire comes with the feature of shoulder blocks like all mud-terrains that are helping to improve the off-road traction and split out the mud, sand, and snow for incredible traction.

Tread Pattern:

The aggressive tread pattern helps to reduce the noise and makes the ride comfortable.

Toyo Open Country RT Performance

Dry Performance:

The Toyo Open Country RT has excellent progress on the road and very good handling capabilities on dry traction.

Snow Performance:

Open Country RT can lug into loose snow but it loses the traction on hard-packed snow and ice conditions. But it can perform better traction on the snow situations in this category.

Wet Performance:

Toyo doesn’t have to give enough performance in this category. These are safe to drive in the heavy rain but don’t give much more traction like highway tires, all-terrain tires. The Braking performance is also limited in the rain when compared with the highway tires.

Comfort and Noise:

The ride quality of these tires is good and also has less noise, offering a quieter ride on the highways.


The Toyo Open Country RT prices normally from $235 for 15-inch sizes and goes up to over $480 for 22-inch sizes.


The Toyo Open Country RT tires come with a 45,000-mile limited tread life warranty and offer 45 days replacement of the guarantee. It means you can return the tire if are not satisfied within the time period for the full amount refund.

Toyo Open Country RT Pros and Cons


• Quiet and comfortable off-road tire
• Excellent traction on off-road conditions
• 45K-mile warranty
• Good handling on dry pavements


• Limited Wet Traction

Final Thoughts

Toyo Open Country RT is a high-performance tire and delivers a great driving experience for you and it is a budget-friendly tire. If you are looking for a tire with highway performance, this is the best option for you. Get these high-performance Toyo tires from Discounted Wheel Warehouse at wholesale prices!