General Grabber AT2 Tire Overview

Nowadays off-road driving becomes popular in the world of SUVs and trucks. To satisfy the need of off-road adventurer tire companies started manufacturing different tire models under these SUVs and trucks categories and also tries to produce these tires from the all-terrain categories.

In this way, an all-terrain tire with an excellent off-road performance tire is Grabber AT2 Tire. It is one of the leading companies tire from the industry-General Tire which is under the umbrella of large Continental group.

General Grabber AT2 is a tough all-terrain tire designed for SUVs, trucks, and commercial vehicles for off-road driving and keeping you safe while enjoying the rides outdoors.

General Grabber AT2 Tire Review

Features of the General Grabber AT2

Five-Row Tread Pattern:

The Grabber AT2 tire featured with 5-row tread pattern with an Innovative tread design for impressive off-road grip. This pattern has multiple traction edges to provide excellent traction in all weather conditions.

V-Shaped tread design:

The tread blocks have an overlapping double V-shape design to help the tire resist unnatural flexing of the tread for longer tread life and stable on-road performance.

Acoustic tread pattern:

Some tires can be designed for extremely loud and annoying rides and deep treads for vibrate and bumps while driving. The Grabber AT2 is had highly engineered Acoustic tread pattern, that allows the tire to remain quiet and comfortable for on-road trips and highway driving.

Steel Belt Construction:

The internal construction of these tires comes with twin steel belts with two-ply polyester casing and two polyamide reinforcement piles. This combination gives a comfortable ride, off-road toughness, exceptional durability, high-speed stability, and lesser road noise.

Three-peak Mountain Snow Flake:

This tire comes with the feature of 3MPSF symbol rate to use in harsh winter conditions and extract the maximum traction in deep or packed snow.

General Grabber AT2 Price

General Grabber AT2 is one of the most affordable all-terrain tires on the market. The General Grabber AT2 Tire price starts from $115 per tire and over up to $275 per tire and you can get offers, discounts, and coupons from retailers, dealers, and online stores for low prices.

General Grabber AT2 Warranty

All General Tires come with a Limited Warranty with 45days of replacement of one or four tires with an equal number of new tires. General Grabber AT2 comes with a 60,000-mile limited treadwear warranty.

Suitable Vehicles to fit for General Grabber AT2 tire

Here is the Some of the vehicle’s list that can fit for Grabber AT2 Tire

• Acura MDX
• Chevrolet Tahoe, Silverado, Suburban, Colorado
• Ford F-150, F-250, F-350, Explorer, Ranger
• GMC Sierra, Canyon, Yukon
• Honda Ridgeline
• Land Rover Discovery
• Ram 1500
• Subaru Outback
• Toyota Tacoma, 4Runner, Tundra, Sequoia

General Grabber AT2 Pros and Cons:


• Outstanding off-road traction
• Excellent snow traction
• Superior traction with 5-row tread pattern
• Long tread life
• Well performance on dry roads
• Engineered tread pattern for noise control


• Not the most comfortable tire for driving
• A bit louder
• Wet traction is not good compared with other all-terrains


If you are thinking about off-roading then you can go with Grabber AT2 tires. These tires have a long tread life and deliver good off-road performance and are also excellent for everyday driving on dry, paved roads. The all-terrain tread provides superior traction and performance in all conditions and the tire was satisfy the value of the money.Get this Off road performance tire from Discounted Wheel Warehouse at affordable prices!