Cooper Discoverer STT Pro Tire Overview

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro is one of the best tires that you can’t avoid, it is one of the best models from the Cooper brand for those who want off-road adventures. Cooper has been producing many quality tires for decades, the Discoverer STT Pro is one of them.

Off-roaders will not be disappointed with these STT Pro tires to the off-road vehicles.

Cooper has one of the best and most innovative jeep tire manufacturer company and the Cooper Introduced the Discoverer STT Pro model in the year 2016 into the market.

It is an outstanding off-road performance tire without compromising the on-road traction. The tire design and constructions are the main factors of the performance and features. The durability and toughness of the tires are top-notch levels.

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro Tire Review

Features of the Cooper Discoverer STT Pro

Tread Pattern:

The tread pattern design is very impressive and unique from its appearance and can handle any condition. The scoop-shaped lugs will give the extra bite for your car when you are off-roading in intense terrain. Tire tread depths range from 18/32 inch to 22/32 inch. It's easy to handle off-road adventures with this tread depth. The tread voids help to increase the grip of the tire and help to kick mud and snow out of the tire in wet weather.

Armor-Tek3 Carcass Construction:

The tread and sidewalls of a tire have a 3-ply carcass construction that provides 50% more protection than 2-ply tires. It also helps to prevent the puncture and some other damages.

Flex grooves:

Flex grooves provide a smooth ride. In tough off-road situations, this groove makes the tread and side bitter better and works together as you pass through irregular and tough obstacles.

Coupled Silica Compound:

The tire comes with a silica compound that helps to improve the grip, especially in the snow or rain.

3-2 Inner Tread Ribs:

It has 3-2 inner tread ribs that provide a significant performance to reduce the road noise, increase stability and handling, balanced wear, and ensure the proper comfort for driving. all off-road tires don’t have this feature that is the reason most people prefer Discoverer STT Pro.

Stone Ejectors:

This tire comes with anti-stone retention that helps to remove the stones from the tread lugs of the tire and resist puncture and avoid damages to the tire.

Alternating Shoulder Lugs:

The shoulder legs of the tire help you to get smooth performance on wet and loose soil.
Side Bitters: It featured large side bitters, designed for cleats of the rubber on the sidewalls to enhance traction and grip in soft or muddy terrains.


Depending on the locations and retailers the price may vary differently. Cooper Discoverer STT Pro Tire Prices range starts approximately from $ 150 to $ 450. Also, you can avail of offers, coupons, and discounts for the best deals. Buy these Cooper Discoverer STT Pro tires from discounted wheel warehouse to get the best deals and offers at wholesale prices.


Cooper Discoverer STT Pro comes with a 60,000-mile treadwear warranty.


Excellent Performance On Wet and Snow Surfaces
Quiet and comfortable Ride
Aggressive and tough tread design


Doesn’t cheap


The tire is the best choice for off-road adventures for a smooth and comfortable ride. The tire that price doesn’t come with cheap but its features and performance justify its price value. Buy this Off-road adventures Cooper Tires from Discounted Wheel Warehouse at affordable prices.