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Black Rhino Wheels Rift 17x8.5 Candy Red wih Black Ring 8x170 -38mm 125.1mm

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Brand: Black Rhino

Model: Rift

Size :

Finish: Candy Red wih Black Ring

HubBore : 125.1

Sku : 1785RFT-88170R25

Manufactured from refined, hardened alloy, Black Rhino off-road wheels are designed solely for trucks and SUVs. These large aftermarket rims boast absolute durability and exceptional sturdiness to support heavy truck loads and withstand the demanding conditions of off-road driving. For proud truckers with rugged tastes, all Black Rhino custom wheels are designed with aggressive style and bold finishes to match the robust flair of your powerful truck or SUV!
More Information
Brand Black Rhino
Model Rift
Finish Candy Red wih Black Ring
Diameter 17