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Radar Tires Dimax RP-4S

  • Radar Tires Dimax RP-4S 185/55R15 86V XL
    Price for TIRE ONLY
    Rim depicted in image NOT INCLUDED


    Type: Passenger Tire
    Style: Dimax RP-4S
    Feature: Asymmetric tread pattern with high density sipes. Dual compound technology. Optimized casing profile and pitch sequence

    The Dimax 4 Season is the new and innovative all-weather tire. This range is designed for year-round use and fits on most cars and SUVs. It offers high mileage and performance in any weather that is encountered on a journey, from snow, slush and rain to summer conditions. All sizes have the snow flake symbol (3PMSF) and is officially approved for winter use. Another segment leading feature of this range is that it incorporates popular run-flat sizes and speed rating up to W (270km/h; 168mph).

    Radar Tires
    Radar Tires have technology advanced sidewall stabilizer. High performance, low noise level, excellent lateral stability and steering response.

    Radar Tires Website

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Buy Tire Size Part No UTQG Rating Speed Rating Load Rating Warranty Per Tire Add To Cart
185/55R15 RD-RGC0122 V 86 41.70
185/65R15 RD-RGC0124 V 92 43.50
195/60R15 RD-RGC0126 V 88 45.90
195/65R15 RD-RGC0127 V 95 46.80
205/50ZR17 RD-DSC0500 360AA W 93 63.90
205/55R16 RD-DSC0285 360AA V 94 55.20
205/60R16 RD-DSC0498 360AA V 96 60.00
215/55R16 RD-DSC0319 V 97 61.80
215/55ZR17 RD-DSC0502 360AA W 98 70.20
215/60R16 RD-DSC0228 V 99 66.60
215/60R17 RD-DSC0332 H 100 76.20
215/65R16 RD-DSC0323 V 98 74.70
215/65R16 RD-DSC0499 360AA V 102 65.70
225/45ZR17 RD-DSC0503 360AA W 94 63.60
225/50ZR17 RD-DSC0231 W 98 73.80
225/55ZR17 RD-DSC0232 W 101 76.80
225/60R17 RD-DSC0336 V 103 76.50
225/65R17 RD-DSC0338 V 102 84.30
235/50R18 RD-DSC0340 W 101 92.40
235/55R18 RD-DSC0341 V 104 95.70
235/55ZR17 RD-DSC0507 360AA W 103 78.30
235/70R16 RD-RGC0130 H 106 83.40
Radar Tires Information
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    Starting at: $128.23
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