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Pirelli Tires Cinturato P7

  • Pirelli Tires Cinturato P7 205/45R17 XL 88W
    Price for TIRE ONLY
    Rim depicted in image NOT INCLUDED


    Type: Passenger
    Style: Cinturato P7
    Feature: Innovative, eco-friendly tread compound. Fuel-efficient tire structure. Noise pitch sequence design. Stabilized shoulder treads

    The Pirelli Cinturato P7 is a summer passenger touring tire tuned for low rolling resistance and enhanced performance with minimal environmental impact. Engineered with eco-friendly materials, this tire is optimized for reduced tread noise and long, even wear to provide longer mileage.

    Pirelli Tires
    Pirelli has always been a leader in the tire industry. We continue to elevate the Ultra High Performance (UHP) technological fields with increasingly specialised and higher performing products. This is due, in part, to our demanding and ever-growing partnerships with car manufacturers, who continue to push technological advancements in the car industry.

    Pirelli Tires Website

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Buy Tire Size Part No UTQG Rating Speed Rating Load Rating Warranty Per Tire Add To Cart
205/45R17 PIR-2245800 W 88 $158.70
205/50R17 PIR-2005500 260AAA V 89 $142.60
205/50R17 PIR-2265200 700AA W 89 70,000 Miles $158.70
205/55R16 PIR-2328900 260AAA V 91 $74.40
205/55R16 PIR-2440100 260AAA V 91 $80.58
205/55R16 PIR-2041200 500AA V 91 $129.95
205/55R16 PIR-2041500 260AAA W 91 $88.80
205/55R16 PIR-2040200 700AA W 91 70,000 Miles $99.60
205/55R17 PIR-2001800 260AAA V 91 $129.95
225/45R17 PIR-2153800 260AAA W 91 $117.60
225/45R17 PIR-2005800 260AAA W 91 $123.05
225/45R17 PIR-2288900 260AAA Y 91 $102.00
225/45R17 PIR-2040300 Y 91 $132.25
225/45R18 PIR-2048900 500AA V 91 $171.35
225/45R18 PIR-1873000 260AAA V 91 $189.75
225/45R18 PIR-2766900 W 91 $158.10
225/50R17 PIR-2374300 500AA H 94 $170.20
225/50R17 PIR-2302500 W 94 $170.20
225/55R17 PIR-2038500 700AA Y 97 70,000 Miles $147.20
225/55R17 PIR-1951500 260AAA Y 97 $181.70
225/55R17 PIR-2479300 Y 97 $199.87
225/60R17 PIR-2050500 700AA H 99 70,000 Miles $174.80
225/60R17 PIR-2050300 260AAA V 99 $214.50
235/40R19 PIR-2506100 V 92 $204.60
235/55R17 PIR-1935000 260AAA Y 99 $161.00
245/40R17 PIR-2153700 260AAA W 91 $139.15
245/40R18 PIR-2011700 260AAA Y 93 $147.20
245/40R18 PIR-2011600 260AAA Y 97 $157.55
245/45R17 PIR-1829800 260AAA W 95 $166.75
245/45R17 PIR-1872300 260AAA Y 95 $191.70
245/50R18 PIR-2467700 260AAA Y 100 $194.70
255/35R19 PIR-2485000 500AA H 96 $234.30
255/40R18 PIR-1873100 260AAA V 95 $268.16
255/40R18 PIR-2640100 260AAA W 95 $259.60
255/40R18 PIR-1990600 260AA Y 95 $286.00
255/45R18 PIR-2245500 260AAA W 99 $239.80
275/40R18 PIR-2074700 260AAA Y 99 $281.60
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