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Lionhart Tires LH-Eleven

  • Lionhart Tires LH-Eleven 225/30ZR22 87W XL BSW
    Price for TIRE ONLY
    Rim depicted in image NOT INCLUDED


    Type: Performance
    Style: LH-Eleven
    Feature: Unique tread pattern for versatile traction. Increased contact patch. Enhanced tire construction. Innovative tread compound

    The Lionhart LH-Eleven is an all season, ultra-high performance tire designed for crisp, responsive handling on wet and dry roads. This tire is engineered for cornering grip as well as ride stability.

    Lionhart Tires
    Lionhart is dedicated to providing quality tires with exceptional value. Utilizing the latest tire technologies, Lionhart Tires delivers performance and durability features that give our customers peace of mind by providing a comfortable ride, reliable traction and long wear. Lionhart Tires offers a wide range of styles for the passenger and commercial truck markets.

    Lionhart Tires Website

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Buy Tire Size Part No UTQG Rating Speed Rating Load Rating Warranty Per Tire Add To Cart
225/30ZR22 LionHart-LHS112230010 W 87 $71.02
235/30ZR22 LionHart-LHS112230020 W 90 $73.51
245/30ZR22 LionHart-LHS112230030 W 92 $73.92
255/25ZR24 LionHart-LHS112425010 W 91 $135.31
275/23ZR24 LionHart-LHS112430010 W 93 $145.72
285/35R22 LionHart-LHS112235010 W 106 $121.00
  • Lionhart Tires LH-202
    Size: 205/40R17
    Your Price: $49.56
  • Lionhart Tires LH-404
    Size: 205/60R15
    Your Price: $40.80
  • Lionhart Tires LH-HTP
    Size: 215/75R15
    Your Price: $63.60
  • Lionhart Tires LH-403RF
    Starting at: $83.76
  • Lionhart Tires Lionclaw HT
    Starting at: $58.85
  • Lionhart Tires LH-503
    Starting at: $42.61
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