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Lexani Tires Terrain Beast AT

  • Lexani Tires Terrain Beast AT 245/70R16 107H
    Price for TIRE ONLY
    Rim depicted in image NOT INCLUDED


    Type: All Terrain
    Style: Terrain Beast AT
    Feature: Innovative offroad design. Full-depth siping. Unilateral center rib

    The Lexani Terrain Beast AT is an all-terrain, all-season SUV/light truck tire engineered for consistent performance and long tread life. It is designed for stable handling whether on-road or off-road, including on rain, mud, or snow.

    Lexani Tires
    High Performance Tires at a Great Price! You know the Wheels, now get to know the outstanding Tires. Nothing Compliments a Lexani Wheel better then a Lexani Tire. Or an Existing Name Brand Wheel running a Lexani Tire.

    Lexani Tires Website

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Buy Tire Size Part No UTQG Rating Speed Rating Load Rating Warranty Per Tire Add To Cart
245/70R16 LX-LXSTAT1670030 H 107 $87.74
255/70R15 LX-LXSTAT1570010 600AA S 108 $84.77
265/50R20 LX-LXSTAT2050010 T 107 $116.44
265/65R17 LX-LXSTAT1765010 600AA T 112 $114.36
275/55R20 LX-LXSTAT2055010 T 113 $126.99
275/60R20 LX-LXSTAT2060010 600AA H 119 $121.95
285/50R20 LX-LXSTAT2050020 T 116 $117.60
31X10.50R15LT LX-LXSTAT1510500 S 109 $104.14
LT215/85R16 LX-LXSTAT1685010 S 112 $91.74
LT225/75R16 LX-LXSTAT1675030 S 112 $85.01
LT235/70R16 LX-LXSTAT1670010 S 101 $90.90
LT235/75R15 LX-LXSTAT1575020 S 107 $84.49
LT235/85R16 LX-LXSTAT1685020 Q 116 $96.20
LT245/70R17 LX-LXSTAT1770030 S 116 $104.42
LT245/75R16 LX-LXSTAT1675040 S 116 $95.65
LT245/75R17 LX-LXSTAT1775010 S 118 $106.13
LT265/60R20 LX-LXSTAT2060020 S 118 $120.73
LT265/70R16 LX-LXSTAT1670020 S 118 $108.64
LT265/70R17 LX-LXSTAT1770010 S 118 $109.70
LT265/75R16 LX-LXSTAT1675010 S 120 $100.55
LT275/65R18 LX-LXSTAT1865010 S 120 $123.75
LT285/60R20 LX-LXSTAT2060030 S 122 $151.10
LT285/70R17 LX-LXSTAT1770020 Q 120 $125.50
LT285/75R16 LX-LXSTAT1675020 S 123 $121.74
Lexani Tires Information
Lexani Tires
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    Starting at: $68.11
  • Lexani Tires LXHT-106
    Starting at: $68.40
  • Lexani Tires LX-Six II
    Starting at: $61.91
  • Lexani Tires LXTR-103
    Starting at: $34.80
  • Lexani Tires LXTR-203
    Starting at: $33.65
  • Lexani Trailer Tires LXST-105
    Size: ST215/75R14
    Your Price: $34.80
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